So guys, can I ask why we are falling apart? I mean, sure, there is nothing to do here, and we got some haters flopping here and there, but shouldn't we be looking forward to new stuff to slap down on this wiki? I guess you can say that the fate of the wiki is in Gilded Guy's hands right now :l If he has more stuff released, then that means more stuff to edit, which equals to maybe more people coming here to help and edit. So hang in there! In the meanwhile, why not surf around this wiki to fix up articles, or maybe take a look at other wikis to see what they do and how we can improve outselves. And for all who is still here, thank you :) Just having people here makes this wiki feel like a place where words cannot descibe it, and I mean it in a good way! So, lets leave all of the horrible stuff behind, and lets focus towards a better wiki. Vincent, Austin, TRS, and everyone else would have like that. :)


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