Hey there everybody! My name is Chakatan and uh...welcome to my art blog. It's nothing special really, It's just a place in where i put all of my drawings and other stuff.

Requests (CLOSED)

Hey there! This is the place in where i'll accept your request for drawings and/or mini-animations. If you want to make a request, just comment below on what you want to request. But make sure that your request is highly specific and easy for me to understand like "Chak you beautiful man, plz draw my character Spanjbob riding a unicorn while holding his spatula and patrik is there in the bakround flying by flapping his arms." not like "Chak, draw my (character) fighting (character).", okay bud? Now that that's done, i'd also like to tell you to not expect something absolutely fantastic; i'm not a very good artist and i'm not really good at fulfilling your beautful request(s).


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Here are where my drawings are! Aren't they something? They're not beautiful, but they're definitely something.


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