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  • I live in the hearts of the people.
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is procrastinating.
  • I am whatever you assume me to be.
  • Chakatan

    Chak's Mini Art Blog

    December 21, 2015 by Chakatan

    Hey there everybody! My name is Chakatan and uh...welcome to my art blog. It's nothing special really, It's just a place in where i put all of my drawings and other stuff.

    Hey there! This is the place in where i'll accept your request for drawings and/or mini-animations. If you want to make a request, just comment below on what you want to request. But make sure that your request is highly specific and easy for me to understand like "Chak you beautiful man, plz draw my character Spanjbob riding a unicorn while holding his spatula and patrik is there in the bakround flying by flapping his arms." not like "Chak, draw my (character) fighting (character).", okay bud? Now that that's done, i'd also like to tell you to not expect something absolu…

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  • Chakatan

    Comic Compilation

    April 1, 2015 by Chakatan

    Hallo Slush People; After days of deciding wheter to post my comics here or just leave it on my DA Page. I decided to put it here; Because...Idk.

    So here are the comics yadda,yadda,yadda.

    TQFA is a series about a bunch of stickmen going on Random Adventures and Such.

    Characters Introduced So Far:

    • Chakatan
    • Vincetick

    That's All for now :3 .

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  • Chakatan

    For the Next 3 Months...

    September 4, 2014 by Chakatan

    So apparently...Yay We got to our 2nd Anniversary :D!!! Hooray For Autism!!!

    Umm...Anyways back to the Point , So apparently i'll be gone for the Next 2/4 Months...And well it kinda means i'll be MIA,on-Hiatus,Baking Pie or Exploding Bacon...So this is also kind of a Farewell thing...Oh and a Rat's Staring at me...I don't know if it's Creepy or Cute...

    Anyways Bai :3

    ~Chakatan the Extremely Kawaii Potato Lover

    (Edit) I will not be able to reply to messages left on this Page Starting from this Day and So On.

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  • Chakatan

    Hello Their People of the SI Wiki today i'm making a Spin-Off Series of a Series of mine...and Well I did this for fun...Enjoy :D !

    • Narrator: There was once a man named "Chakatan".He was Very Kind to people and he was Very "Adventurous".One day...He went on an Adventure Just for Fun and he Somehow Acciedently...Saved The World from Evil,With the help from his friends named "Austin" and "Shaden".But unknown to them...That Their Adventure...Was Just...Beginning...
    • ???: HONEY!!! Dinner's Ready!
    • Narrator: Wait a Sec "Mom"! I'm Narrating Something!
    • Narrator: Wait A Second!!.So Something,Something,Something Yadda,Yadda,Yadda,Chak saves stuff-
    • Narrator: Oh my Gosh SOMEBODY HELP ME!
    • Narrator 2: And …

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  • Chakatan

    Drawing Contest

    December 12, 2013 by Chakatan

    Hi Guys Chakatan Here And Today I Want To Start A Very Awsome Drawing Contest.....Now Let Me Explain The Rules...

    1. 1st Of All No Swearing (That's Heavely Influenced On This Wiki)
    2. No Fighting If You Dont Win (Srlsy Dont Fight...)
    3.  Post Your Drawings At My Talk Page
    5. Must Be An Original Character
    6. I Only need 5 Winners

    Your Character Gets To Join The Team Of The STick Fighters (That Means He'll be In My Game)

    1. Austinrocks
    2. Shaden ( RandomMinecraftDude444 )
    3. TFOW

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