"Adventured from his dimension to find another goal.Taterazay Discovers slusher and it's denizens.Whill Razay join the Slushy fray?"

The Generator

Tekno's Dorm: 3:50 P.M.

(Stno Uses his Cyan Energy to power a generator Tekno made)

Tekno:Erm... You need a bit more power

Simka:Why would you need a generator powered by his energy?

Rakion:In case of a power outage or during a storm.

Zora:Or even a Typhoon.

Nolik:But won't he be tired after this?

Tekno:Stores Power, Every charging session, the Generator can keep all things in slusher on for 5 Hours.

Sonic: And how long does the charging take?

Rakion:For the maximum, 18 Hours

Simka,Nolik and Sonic:WHAT? WHY THAT LONG?

Stno:It may drain me of my energy, but it will be worth it!

Tekno: The Generator may look weird... Nevermind


HIDEOUT: ??:?? ?.M

????: What to do now?

?????? ????????:Since you found Earthend, we have absolutely nothing else to do other than hunt

???(1):And We also Found IT, so why do we have to adventure now?

???(2):Huh? (Spots ????? getting ready near a portal) Gonna go to the Herogate again?

?????:No, I Want to go somewhere else.


?????:To another world

???????:Why Dagio? (Reffering to my PT3 Savefile), It's like we have anything else to do.

?????:Shut it Hatapon! It's Boring without any purpose!

Hatapon:But to Leave us?

Razay(Dagio): You can Manage by your own

Chin:Geez, can we join you?

Razay:No, It's Dangerous!

Ton:What Dangers coud it contain?

Razay:(Prepares to go trough the portal) Anything can happen in a new world.

SIlver Hosipon: He has a point

Razay:I'll Be back in a few days (Jumps into the portal)


New World

DrillField: 4:02 P.M.


Where's the mask?

(Razay Is Spat out of the portal looking like this ------>

Razay:Uhh, Where am i ? Where is this?(Suddenly Gets hit by a ball), Man, This is even worse than getting killed than the dark Guillotine!

Nolik:(Offscreen) I'll Get it!


(Nolik Arrives to Razay's location, thinking he is a stranger, They both stare at each other in akwardness)


Razay:Umm, Not to be rude or anything but, what the --------------------- Is this?



Zora:(OffScreen)No you are not.

Razay:What world is this?


Razay:No, I mean What WORLD is this 

Sonic:(Now Suddenly Behind Razay) Slusher

Razay:!, How did you get here?

Sonic: Fastest thing alive.

Razay:Fastest huh? Buzzcrave is not gonna be too happy about this

Mystery Guy

(All the Raiders, Including Simka, are curiously staring at Razay)

Tekno:Uhh, Who the Flip is this Bricking Black Person? No offense Rakion

Rakion:None taken.

Stno:Hmm, Wait, i think i know him

Simka: Let me guess, Saw him on TV, or a game consle or what not?

Stno: The 2nd one

Martial:How are you So Psychic Orange?

Simka:It's A Cliche that most storywriters use.

Stno:... Dagio?

Razay(Dagio):Serously, why do you keep calling me Dagio?

(Stno was about to speak, but simka did first)

Simka:I'm guessing he gave that name to you when he played Patapon 3 for the first time.

Rakion: Wow girl, how do you keep knowing what is he going to say?

Simka: Seems RX Wants me to be the 4th Wall Breaker for most of this, i mean, take a look at the script


Razay:I Don't know what are you talking about.

Stno:... Anyway, what are you doing here?

Razay: Nothing to do in the Hideout, with IT Discovered, and the Patapon adventures Over

Tekno: At least the canon ones.(Simka stares at him) What? you are'nt the only 4th wall breaker here!

Razay:I had to Do SOMETHING!

Tekno: THe question Stno should have asked is how did you find a portal?




Tekno's Dorm: 7:00 P.M.

(Razay Walks around Tekno's dorm and discovers the Generator, Which looks like the Demon Gate Bababaan)

Razay:No! I Thought They destoryed you! (Begins to attack the Generator)

(Outside the dorm)

Stno:It's good i already charged the generator.

Tekno: You are correct, it took a good 18 Hours for you to charge that

Stno:I do NOT want to charge it again!

Tekno:Correct, The only time we need to charge is when(The two enter the Dorm, Where Razay is seen destroying the Generator)Things....Go.....Wrong

Razay:(To the Bababaan Generator) DIE! DIE DIE! DIE! DI--- Oh hey Stno

Tekno:(With a suprised tone)Wha-

Stno:(With a suprised and angry tone) WHAT THE @)(*$^@$ING @#*($Y)(#*^ DID YOU DO TO THE !)($^)(^&#% GENERATOR THAT TOOK ME A GOOD @&$^)#@*$ 18 HOURS TO GENERATE! DID YOU KNOW (Tekno Covers his mouth

Tekno:Yyyeah, Stno tends to get cranky and swear a lot if something bad happens, I am Predicting a Two Day ban for RX if TRS Sees this, or if anonymous user Reports this to TRS.

Stno:WHY DID YOU.(Sigh) Blood pressure, Why did you decide to smash the generator?

Razay:Decided to cut your work and destory the demon gate

Tekno: You mean the generator?

Razay:That was a generator?

Stno:WHY DID YOU SMASH IT, YOU(Tekno Covers his mouth again).

Razay:Sorry dude, i did not know this thing powers this building.

Tekno:Only during a power outage.


EPISODE 12:Dark Fiends (Sorry typo, I mean friends)

"The Memory-Recovered Dark Heroes go after Tatezaray to settle the score.But stno can't take the Battles any longer!Will he make Razay and Dark heroes Bury the hatchet?"

Go Fish

Dark Hideout: ??:?? ?.M

[Note i will use their FULL name for now]

Standoffish Sonarchy:Do you have any 3's?

Slow-Moving Slogturtle:...

Madfang Ragewolf:Grah, with that blasted Eyeballs finishing their adventure, there is literally NOTHING left for us! Seriously!

Gluttonus Buzzcrave:Tell me about it, Even tough i love to eat all day, i am somewhat getting tired of the same food here! are there any chefs here?

Miss-Covet Hiss:Hss! I am so jealous that Dagio[Again, Referencing my Patapon 3 File] keeps having adventures!

Ragewolf:How in the world do you know THAT?

Covet Hiss:Common Sense, I Wish we were playable characters.

Naughtyfins:Yeah, so i can be with Razay [Decided to mix things up] all the time.

(The other Dark Heroes stare at her)


RottenLee Ravenous:Is Dagio all you ever think about?


(The Other Dark heroes stare at her)



Sonarchy:Hey i have an idea, why don't we go to the herogate, and battle somebody

Ragewolf:NOW we are on the same page.

(The Dark Heroes go to the Herogate)

Naughtyfins:I call Dibs on Myamsar!

Buzzcrave:Why would thy not?

Ragewolf:Can you Cut the knight talk Fatty?

Buzzcrave:.. FATTY? How do you call a elegant knight fatty

Ragewolf:That's because you, i don't know, KEEP EATING EVERYTHING!

Buzzcrave:(Pushes Ragewolf)I have a great appetite

Ragewolf:Then why aren't you a TONDEGA?

Buzzcrave:You Calling me a PIG?

(The Other Dark heroes try to stop the arguement ,then, the Dark Heroes fall into the herogate)

Where the Censored are we?

Slusher Courtyard, 11:05 A.M.

(Dagio,Nolik,Simka and Sonic are having a stroll)

Razay:Blues are BoneDeth,Got it

Sonic:That was, err, Fast.

Simka and Nolik:Tell me about

Razay:Anyway, i am very lucky that my adventure is over, the last things i want to see are the dark heroes

(A Portal appears above Razay)

Razay:I Had to open my mouth

(One by one, the Dark heroes drop out of the portal, First Ragewolf[Black and Red Bordered], then Naughtyfins[Black and Cyan Bordered], Next is Sonarchy[Black and yellow bordered], then Ravenous[Black and DarkBlue Bordered],BuzzCrave[Black and purple Border],Slogturtle[Black and Green Bordered], and Lastly, Covet-Hiss[Black and Orange Bordered])

[I Do not have their Stickman Drawings yet, so just imagine]

Simka:Wow, What happened to the, no Stick Drawing, no access Rule?

Buzzcrave:OWWW! Can you please get off of my back Old man?

Ravenous:Maybe you should get off of mine

Razay:Sorry to interrupt but,(The Camera Zooms out to reveal that they are Piling on Razay)can you ALL get off of me?

(The Dark Heroes Drop and They (Along with Dagio) Stand up)

Razay:Seriously! I Cannot go ten seconds without...getting......hurt.....Oh no

Sonic:Are they the dark heroes you are talking about Dagio?


Buzzcrave:(Zooms up to Razay)Welcome, no time, long see (Cracks Knuckles)

Sonic:(Goes in between them to drop any tension)So, these guys are the ones who like to beat you up but you beat them up until you got to "The Dark Heroes Last Stand" where buzzcrave ahnilated you so you had to grind and level up but you kept dying because you went on weaker forms,because you are trying to experiment on different classes?


Naughtyfins:Anyway, where are we?

Nolik:Slusher, where all the mutants live

Simka:It's Superheroes nolik. I Think you were thinking of the X-Men.

Buzzcrave:Slusher? Like the Delicious Drink?

Razay:It's NAMED that

DHFA (Dark Heroes Failed Attempts)

Stno's Dorm, 1:52 P.M.

Stno:(Walking to the closet) Seriously, I Did not say Razay could keep his masks in my closet, i mean, why?

(Stno Opens the closet to find Ragewolf, with his claws, Inside)

Ragewolf:Suprise! (Jumps on Stno's Face and A Comedic Fight Cloud Appears over them, after 15 Seconds,Stno Manages to pull Ragewolf away from him and Restrains him)


Ragewolf:Wrong Target.


(Tekno Screams)

Stno:Tekno! Gotta go! (Goes to tekno)

Ragewolf:Hey! You gonna at least Release me?

Tekno's Dorm, 1:54 P.M.

Stno:Tekno! Tekno! Tek-- (Sees Tekno Frozen in a block of ice)

Naughtyfins:Did i get him?

Stno:No you did not (Cuts the Block of ice,Freeing Tekno)

Tekno:What THe Flip girl? Why did you freeze me?


(Hears Sound waves, then looks to see Martial Being Chased by Sonarcy)


(Stno Cuts Sonarchy off)

Stno:What is wrong with you man?

Soarchy:Finding Dagio, Since that fool is oblivious to us in this dimension

Stno:Did he not see you---


(A Big Bang is heard coming from Stno's Dorm)

Stno:What the? (Rushes to his dorm)

Stno's Dorm, 1:56 P.M.

(Stno Arrives to see his dorm destroyed and littered with arrows and cannon balls)

Stno:WHO DID (Gets Hit by one of Covet-Hiss' Cannons)

Zora:Stno, a little help here!

(Zora Lifts the cannon ball and frees stno, who looks steamed)


Bury the Hatchet Already!

Rakion's Dorm, 2:18 P.M.

(Stno is sitting on a desk, Naughtyfins and Razay Sit on one side, And the Other Dark Heroes In the other side, Seperated by the wall)

Stno:Do you know why i called you all in here?

Ragewolf:(Staring Down Razay) To Watch us tear Dagio into pieces?

==To be Added==

EPISODE 13:A Fish out of Water

"Simka and Nolik Think that Naughtyfins is a fish (Due to the "Fin" In the name and the' Structure of her mask).Can They figure it out before Naughtyfins Sleeps with the fishes?"

EPISODE 14:Ragewolf Rage

"After hearing nolik's story playing Five nights at freddy's and fainting.He mocks him as weak."Well? Let's make him play it and see what he has to say about that!"

EPISODE 15:Pretty Remake 

"When the Portal goes on the Fritz, It starts to convert and spit out new characters from other dimensions,and it spits one girl out. Who is she?"

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