Ok Guys, The First Dimension hunt, for a dimension brother! (Note that this is After SI Reverse)

Chapter 2

Where are we?

(Stno,Ra,SteZon,Stadow are seen preparing when Tekno Walks in)

Tekno: Where are you Going?

Stno:We are going to a dimension called, "Cardfight,Vanguard"

Ra: Where is that anyway? Japan, Right?

Stno:That's What it says

Stezon:Come on! Let's go!

Tekno: Speaking of Going somewhere, i have'nt seen The Rest of the Raiders in days!


Tekno: I Said the REST of the Raiders

Stno: Let's Just Ignore this and Let's GO!

(Stno Opens the Dimension Card and They All Go in, the portal dumps out Stno and His Friends near aichi's city)

Stno:Ouch, wait, (Looks Around) Where are we

(The Portal Closes)

Tek,Ra,Stez: IDK

Zora? What are you---

(The Group Hear Screaming)

Stno: What the? (The Slashers Head Towards the direction of the scream)

(A Red and yellow Stickman is seen Attacking Morikawa)

Morikawa: Get off of me! Who are you anyway?

Zora:Don't Hide Terrail! I Know you're here

Morikawa:Who's Terrail?

Stno:What the?

Zora: (Stops Attacking Morikawa) What the? Stno? What are you---(Drops off morikawa and on the ground) Gwah!

(Not Finished)

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