Alright, I Have an Idea Sparked in my head.I Decided to make the challenge

So. My idea is you have to beat a level (Slusher).... TO the beat of a song

So. I Will Post Challenge Songs on the bottom, you must do it and give me proof.

I Will Give Points if you complete it


???: Turn Big Blue into A Jet (Skyward and 300 Velocity) [Hint: Ilusion Plane]

??? :Go Wild on Big Blue (100 Combo in a single level)[Hint: Lion's teeth]

??? : Seng big Blue Fast into the future (3 Wormholes in a single level) [Hint:Send a letter to yourself in the future]

??? : Get the SLush Invaders Decoded (Beat Bitland Using Stucker,Thomas,Dan ONLY)[Hint: Consle Crash]

Reach for The Stars Select

[Unlocker: Metal stonic ]

Reach For The StarsPoint Reward: 25

??? :Reach for it! (Complete ???)[Hint: Infinite Ideas]

??? :Let go into snow (Complete Ice SLushy Frosting Using BLUE colored fighters)[Hint:Ice Sprites]

??? :Have a Fiesta (Complete Slusher Using Every Fighter in the Select Screen)[Hint:Fairy tail OP6]

??? : Make a Better future (Complete ???)[Hint: Purity]

???: (Default) ???: Go to the city and Rock it... FAST! (Complete Slusher in a minute) [Hint: Hard Town Man]



If you want to suggest a challenge, suggest one in the comments!

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