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  • BrightXeno

    BX Online again, And this time I am announcing that i Am leaving the slush invaders wiki.


    Well, Not Exactly "Leaving". SOme of you may ask about my sudden period of inactivity, Well, Let me explain...

    The Reason why i did not do anything here is because i had no internet. There is a problem with my modem and Nothing is done to fix it, so i had NO way to communicate with you, How ever, I Created a few new pics for you guys, Remastered the XTRA DIMENSION Poster, Anyway

    As soon as i am back online at my house, I Am gonna create some more art for you, Anyway, I Wanna draw your chars as soon as I am back online, so request which Fighters you want me to draw as soon as i am Back

    Also, Request Ideas for the XD Fanfic Cuz i might Write it again

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  • BrightXeno

    BrightXenoBlade Online!

    So guys, I Want to tell you that i have an idea- A Slush Invaders Fanart Contest!


    Unoriginal? Well, There is a twist, It must contain the Characters,Concept,etc. Generally, a Cross over with these Shows/Games/Stories.

    So, With the Inter Dimensional Twist, I, BrightXeno, Give you:

    1. Sonic the Hedgehog
    2. Patapon 3
    3. Cardfight Vanguard
    4. Pretty Rhythm [I Am gonna Bet this one is not gonna get that many entries
    5. Five Nights at Freddys
    6. The Fixies [Look it up, It's a cartoon]
    7. The Amazing World of Gumball
    8. Regular SHow
    9. Lethal Leauge
    10. Freedom Planet
    11. Ika Musume
    12. Hayate No Gotoku

    The best 10 Artists will be featured in an "Slush Invaders Xtra Dimension Fanart Showcase"

    1. The Art can be any-sized
    2. It must Include Slush Invaders and Any of the other seires …

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  • BrightXeno

    "Adventured from his dimension to find another goal.Taterazay Discovers slusher and it's denizens.Whill Razay join the Slushy fray?"

    (Stno Uses his Cyan Energy to power a generator Tekno made)

    Tekno:Erm... You need a bit more power

    Simka:Why would you need a generator powered by his energy?

    Rakion:In case of a power outage or during a storm.

    Zora:Or even a Typhoon.

    Nolik:But won't he be tired after this?

    Tekno:Stores Power, Every charging session, the Generator can keep all things in slusher on for 5 Hours.

    Sonic: And how long does the charging take?

    Rakion:For the maximum, 18 Hours

    Simka,Nolik and Sonic:WHAT? WHY THAT LONG?

    Stno:It may drain me of my energy, but it will be worth it!

    Tekno: The Generator may look weird... Nevermind

    ????: What to do now…

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  • BrightXeno

    Alright! so I decided to make a few riddles for you to solve.Most from the Xtra Dimension, Some from the Popular things and others from dark corners of the Showiverse.

    • Answer Cronogically
    • ANSWER ISBOLD Words Usually give out Helpful hints
    • BOLD ITALIC Give out Big Hints or things that might steer you off track
    • You can answer the same riddle more than once, if your last answer was wrong
    • I Asked R&R and Try some of these so they know it, they are not allowed to give out the answer until all hints are revealed

    1'. I Am a Blue Who can Outrun You! and if you let me get , Things will get a little 'CHAOTIC

    2.I Am an android Who can Think like man. I protect those who i care from this War 

    3. I May be a bit too Energetic, But that does not get in my way "To Be Nu…

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  • BrightXeno


    February 20, 2015 by BrightXeno

    Alright Guys, Since i have Seen the MYNAMEISSPINGTRAP Hidden Code at one of Scott Cawthon's Updates and Made one Myself, I decided to create a challenge out of it!

    Starting March: I Will Change one of the pages to hide a Certian word, Phrase or name Seperately,So Get Ready to Prepare Your Eagle eyes to Get these pages:


    1.[UNKNOWN AT THE MOMENT] [Located in ????]

    2.UNKNOWN AT THE MOMENT] [Located in ????]

    3.UNKNOWN AT THE MOMENT] [Located in ????]

    4.UNKNOWN AT THE MOMENT] [Located in ????]

    5.UNKNOWN AT THE MOMENT] [Located in ????]


    [What is it?]

    Location: Storiel



    Location: Rakion Raiders

    Decoder(s):[Incomplete] Ahsuntry


    Location: Stick Spring

    [What is …

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