aka I'm going to hell

  • I live in C ya guys above me
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is TO KILL MYSELF.
  • I am gonna die
  • Anim8

    Halp. (Vote)

    March 19, 2015 by Anim8

    Alright I know I only told some of u guys but i got macromedia flash 8 professional full version awesome yayyy

    im gonna make flash animations and post dem on to youtube

    i decided to make like "Introducing ______" Characters just liek SKPCboy did 

    the problem i want to put a bunch of characters like litterally almost everyone on this wiki

    but the other problem is i only need 9 characters

    and the other other problem is dont know how to make a poll thing on this wiki so....

    nvm i got it the characters that are already in are Me, Shaden, Chakatan, Drew, Vince, and TRS (since i promised him)

    Choose who u want next! (Vote ends on March 31st) Only 3 characters are being taken [Also u can only vote once]

    Fan Scott Alec Try Weirdo Noriel Trialz Mart SkpcBo…

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  • Anim8

    Need Help on YouTube

    February 14, 2015 by Anim8

    Can anyone explain what happened

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  • Anim8

    Help Again

    January 4, 2015 by Anim8

    Help there's an error on this wiki

    that picture on the right:

    i never posted the picture on the wiki until today, and the wiki said i already posted it.

    apparently it was posted on JamesLob's talk page, and i dont even know why...


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  • Anim8


    December 14, 2014 by Anim8

    Im not used to this new stuff and update plz help

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  • Anim8


    February 1, 2014 by Anim8
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