Another Character Guess Blog...


Rules are simple:

1.Only got 1 answer, so yeah...don't guess wrong :3

2.You can ask for a hint (1 person=3 hints)

3.Participant with the most points by 21st March wins!

4.Have fun, don't be a bad sport :)


1. Bold words are useful

2. Italic words are either VERY useful or not useful at all

3. Bold italic words are VERY useful

4. I'll post 2 1 after 2 1 right answer.

5. If someone asks for a hint, and another person answered first, it's considered a steal and will gain extra points.


1.I am a animal whose best friend is an Ogre.I am (Answer is Donkey) (Answered by Vincetick)

2.I am a dog but not an ​ordinary one.My best friend is a ​human.(Answer is Jake) (Answered by TRS)

3.I am a person who has gone through many years of ​spiritual transcendence​.I am also ​cursed. ( Answer is ______)

4.MOAR!MOAR!MOAR!MOAR!MOAR! (Obvious Answer is Moar Krabs) (Answered by Skpcboy)

5.I am a mouse.I spend my whole life being chased around the house by a cat. (Answer is Jerry) (Answered by Trialz)


  • Vincetick: 1 point
  • TRS: 1 point
  • Skpcboy: 1 point
  • Trialz: 1 Point
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