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Ayoo, welcome to my user page here in the wiki! What's up? How ya doin'? Whatcha up to? And how's everything thus far, my friend(s)!

Message of the Day: It's the last day of 2020, folks!

About Me

The name's Vincetick, as it clearly says, but for all that it's worth, just call me Vince for short. Been around the wiki since 2012, so I'm among the oldest members here and currently, as I've been told, the "leader" of this whole place. So if you have anything concerning the wiki as a whole, from pages to the series to the members, don't hesitate to reach out to me about them. I'm always around every day.

Usual past-times of mine are drawing, listening to some music and writing stuff regarding my branching series of which I plan to one day put together into one big story. There's also playing video games online through Steam. Currently don't have a working console so, I guess you can say I'm a PC gamer at the moment. And if my avatar is anything to go by, also into anime and stuff like that. But I don't like calling myself an "otaku" or something as stupid as a "weaboo". I love anime as much as the next person, but I'm not obsessed with it as many others out there nor do I classify myself as anything in relation to it. It's not a religion, so it's something people should not go out and start treating as such. I have a specific area of which I know when to cross and when not to.

To-Do List

None at the moment. Still rifling through stuff.


Look around you! [Almost] Everyone in the wiki is my very good friend.



A collection of stuff I've drawn throughout my time in the wiki. Feel free to judge or whatever.

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