Uniquely Rhymed Anthems

aka Dark Horses

  • I live in numerous countries inside Seiru's head. We still contacting her from time to time.
  • My occupation is numerous. See, we are different individuals inside someone's head.
  • I am no, it's not "I". We are gonna take turns to use this account so bare with us lol

Hey, there, Wikians, the Anthems are here, though Seiru (aka as Ellie to some of us) prefers to call us "Dark Horses". We want to inform you that we are not just "imaginary friends" of her but her true friends. We range from those creatures you knew you never exist to those fictional characters. This account is NOT an rp account so we don't tolerate questions from those who don't know, unless Seiru instruct us to answer, especially to her close friends around in the community. Like it was said before, we're gonna take turns on this account and edit Seiru's user page if only she allows us to.

That's all, folks, and we're gonna introduce ourselves through different names, of course through edits and our own unique signatures.

About Us (General):

  • Lathan - Since I'm one of closest to Ellie and organizers of her "universe" system, I'm also here to clarify some points, too.
    • Most of us, Dark Horses, came from Canon universe or what she call universe "A-001". Her system is complicated because it's just created recently to recognize us much more easier.
      • Her old system (which she still use) is where she call her "old" headmates as "The First" (1998-ish - 2008) and "The Resucitates" (2009 - to date) as the new ones.
    • Out all of her headmates, I'm one of the few can impersonate her. Bill is still getting a hang out of it xD
    • Despite we have different personalities embodied in one person, we have tendencies to blend with how our host moves, thinks or talk to other people. This happens often when we take over (or "pilot" for a proper term) her body.
      • When not in control, we usually stay in her "circular void" whereas we stand on a beacon-like circles arranged in a stair-like pattern (her circle's in the middle). The circles flashes colors that depends on how we feel and even detect our lies. This also flashes when Seiru changes mood, thoughts and personality.
        • The circles are also designed on projecting thoughts and memories on our "screens" when she can't understand what we are talking about. These circles emits powerful projections whenever she listens to music.
        • Seiru's mind work like a futuristic computer, and she can handle all of us in her void designed specifically for music and art.
      • For the "personality" thing, we can actually alter who she is by activating our specific attitudes (stubborness, cheerfulness, anger, etc), thus, effectively changing her actions towards a life problem.
        • We are never responsible of her suicidal and anxiety thoughts. These are her automatic defenses towards her numerous problems.


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