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My Favorite Song

Dare you to Move by Switchfoot
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Facts About Life

  • Our mouth is more dirtier than our butt
    • Why? We (sometimes) curse/swear when we're angry.
  • Despite of the weight, an average human is stronger than horses
    • Why? Men could carry the same weight as horses, but for less time.
  • Q is the only letter that doesn't show in the names of U.S.
  • When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.
  • Nothing is perfect...
  • Do you know "Stand up" is actually a Cliche?

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The Fan of...

Giledguy.png This user is a fan of Gildedguy.
Sthomas.png This user is a fan of Sthomas.
StOmar.jpg This user is a fan of Stomar.
Westick's Character Pose.jpeg This user is a fan of Westick.
StHang.jpg This user is a fan of Sthang.

Top 5 Fighters

Gildedguy--Invulnerable and keep Big Blue for going up on the skies
Stomar--Good one especially when using his ultra attack
Sthomas--I like the way he boost your combo up!!!
Sthang--Never say "DIE"!!!!! 
Stick Sean--He teleports above the skies and keep Big Blue going

Team Offense-and-Defense

Westick, Stick Brian, Staddison, Stomar, Sthang, Stedro

Punch + Bullets

Stedro (first attack) then Westick and Big Blues gonna fly beyond the screen! :3

Good Combo Makers... for me!

Stick Brian--Of course, he can help you out!
Stick James--When your teammates were out of energy, call him so you can continue the combo!
Stedro--Who needs lasers from him and kick Big Blue's butt? You can still count of him!
Stick Matt--Good combination with Stedro. We need him to make Big Blue up and faster than you think!