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TFOW (The Fearless Operating Warrior!)

Or just call her Fan; The mighty fearless female warrior is coming to aid her comrades, soon... (Edit this and put my appearance. Just please let me wear a cloak (like Raven's) but white ones. I want to call it Fan's White Cape)


  • Powerful Telepathy powers
  • Quick and Evasive
  • Smart and Courageous
  • White Cloak of Telekinesis guards TFOW reducing taken damage by 25%


  • Call The Legend and the Big Fourstick!
    • Fan gets help from her allies in Slusher
      • Stedro's finisher (Knee of Justice) deals twice the damage than it usually does
      • Marcstick's finisher (Hidden Knife) adds Poison or Bleeding on the targetted enemy and spreads across any nearby foes
      • Stickyle's fireballs deals more damage
      • Sthang's flame punches add Burn to targetted enemies
      • Westick's bullets have a 50% chance to score a Critical hit
      • Steric's last shot deals 3x the damage than his usual shots (twice the firepower than Stick JK's)
      • Stick JK snipes 6 targets at once (simultaneously)
      • Stick Waqas builds and sends out up to 9 differenct rockets
      • Stick Michael (If Vincetick or Scottick is in the team) transforms into his alter ego (Glidedguy must not be on the Team)
      • Joshtick's mines are spread across the level
      • The Big Fourstick arrive and deal 2x damage then 3x during their final strike
      • TFOW gets a 110% chance to Critical hit all enemies in the screen
      • All Slush Invaders Wiki Fighters in the team gets a 60% power boost
  • Drop Kick to 10 Combo Attack
    • TFOW alternate attack on Bosses and Main Targets
      • TFOW Runs towards her targeted (Main Targets only) enemy, begins with an Uppercut than attacks with a 10 combo (adding the Combo Meter by 20) and finishes with a Drop Kick.
      • TFOW Runs then jumps towards the Boss and begins a front kick then Skull Bash and Mega Uppercut (If Mart is in the Team) and does a 10 full combo attack and finishes with another Skull Bash (If Glidedguy is in the Team) and added 2 combo attack and a Final Drop Kick.
  • Telekinesis
    • (imitating Raven) "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" >:D
    • Ultra/Ultimate Lvl. 3 Attack
    • Fan will have her eyes glow as she prepares to lift the enemies in the air and attack as the enemy flew after that.
      • Power Boost on all allies are added up by 30% (If "Call of The Legend and the Big Fourstick" upgrade is in Full, total Power Boost is 90% and adds a special 40% on Evasion on all team and fighters in the area)
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