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Hi! StiCarson(SC) here! So here's my profile:


Stating out

1. I do not irritate anyone unless they irritate me

2. Don't mess with me if I don't put emojis next to my name.

3. Whenever the emojis are words in brackets and are pessimism, don't mess with me either

4. When I don't reply to a thread, It might be just I'm bored or you have gotten to far


  • My real name is Carson, obviously, a.k.a Son of Chemistry, a.k.a The Periodic Table, a.k.a anything better than a.k.a
  • I am Taiwanese, not Filipino, and I still wonder why are there so many Filipinos in This wiki and so many Brazilians play skyblock in minecraft.
  • I am somewhere from 9~14. (Not precisely >:D)
  • I have a strange addiction toward StickWart
  • I was once blocked from SIW but I'm back again (I'm not saying Who, where or why and how)
  • I am a perfectionist and a pacifist and atheist
  • You can make me throw up easily, but seriously don't do it
  • I play Minecraft, Slush Invaders 2 and Tower of Saviors
  • There are no better episodes in this country, so I surf on Youtube to find new episodes of Adventure Time, Regular Show, BuzzFeed and Vat19
  • I have ADHD
  • I am the hardest user-stick to draw, harder to draw then Fanny. (Due to my abnormal weapon)
  • I've been pretty envy on StKhen, since that he gets everything that's good.
  • But I don't really want to be in anything now. (Turns Miserable)
  • I'm always the guy that's the stepping-stone for new editors, the guy who always gets forgotten in the discussions, the guy that never gets what he actually wants (when everyone else does), the guy that's always trying to be sociable but still forgotten, the guy who's stick-form is always miscolored, the guy that's always mis-understood, the guy who's the most understanding but no-one cares and the guy that has to endure all the annoying hostile comments.


Stalec's wiki

Chak's wiki

Shaden's wiki

My wiki

Seth's wiki

I'm still friends with Seth, Ok?

My Friends

Not in order:

  • Seth Reuben: Cool guy, very awesome, animator, Minecrafter, perfect friend.
  • StKhen: Used to be friends, now we're semi-rivalry.
  • Francis: Cool Guy, very sociable.
  • Trializ: He's a very nice friend and anime artist.
  • Shaden: Ahh yes! Also my BFF! He got me unblocked!
  • Chakatan: Potato sandvich lover, Pie thrower, the cheerful guy in the chatroom that makes us laugh, he's pretty cool too!
  • Scott and Noriel: Well, they RP a lot! I know Noriel more than Scott since we're both Chat mods and he wants me to do the SIR story.
  • Dimitri: I don't know him very much, but I know he's the guy that made me CHAT MOD!!
  • Drew: Well, Drew is pretty interesting. I don't know much about him but he seems very sociable.
  • MW: The Chakatan wannabe, yes he is. He's nice but he does the "HUE" Thing a lot, which is pretty annoying.
  • Try: Not to be confused with Tri (Another name of Trializ). Try is a cool guy who just joined, he knows how to type SYMBOLS!!!
  • Fan: The powerful owner of this server! Well, not the founder. She's is a pretty cool gal and knows how to draw pretty good!
  • GlideGuy: The inspiration of this wiki, we met once, he was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Also, his animations and his game :)
  • ZedEX, Binary, Mart and Ultralord: Heard they left for good. That's actually not good...
  • JJ: Well, he's Khen's BFF, I don't know much about him, other than his real name is Alvin.
  • Vince and TRS: There's a reason why they are last. Vince is VERY pessimistic, and TRS is pretty selfish...and pessimistic. But they used to be my friends, and Vince is still partly my friend...Well, TRS was my friend but he does way too much blocking and "leaving"

Fan Art

Well, these are other wikians drawing of me or my characters!

Khen's second attempt (well the first attempt was... uhh.. ok nvm)

Trializ amazing drawing!

Well, Shaden's drawing of me, again

Francis' drawing of me

Well, there might be more :)