Seth Reuben

aka Seth Act 23 Over Heaven Requiem

  • I was born on October 23

Hello i'm seth I am an animator, gamer and a programmer. Why don't you watch some of my stuffs bellow 0w0

I'm semi-active/inactive sometimes


So I love a bunch of things and I hate a bunch of things here they are:


  1. Stickman
  2. Animations
  3. YouTube
  4. Pools
  5. Biking
  6. Fighting
  7. Adventuring
  8. Mysteries
  9. Treasure hunt
  10. Friends and loved ones


  1. Annoying people
  2. Insults
  3. Insects (those little idiots)
  4. My enemies
  5. Waiting
  6. Deep waters


  1. Vincetick- Vince is like my big bro, I mean seriously he is awesome. Plus he has helped me since from 2014. He was the 3rd to welcome me in the wiki back at the very old days, and now he is one of my Best Friends :D
  2. Fanny- Fan is like my big sister in the wiki, she helps me when I have problems and she taught me cool stuff and I actually learned many things from her.
  3. Skpcboy- Skpc (or as I call him Sk) is actually a fun guy. I find his art styles very interesting and I tend to have fun with him on random things.
  4. TRS- TRS is one of my coolest/closest friends, I mean look at that cape, such beauty! He also has tons of awesome ideas that I really think is very cool!
  5. Chakatan- I met Chakatan in the chatroom and he said some funny things and months later we are good friends plus he has some cool drawings so yeah. :3
  6. Khen- Khen is slightly not active but he likes Fab Ducks, Potatoes, Pies and drawings. The conversation gets better if Khen is there!
  7. Shaden- Shaden I actually met him in his wiki, I was browsing and I was actually astonished by his awesome drawings and than we started being friends and he loves Minecraft, that's awesome.
  8. Ahsuntry- Try is a cool friend, we talk about some random things and it is fun! Try gets a perfect 5 in my book.
  9. TBA...
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