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All you need to know is that I'm heavily inactive around here...even more so now that my fanon stuff's been moved. So basically, I'm just doing nothing around here.

Note: All my fanstuff has been transferred to the fanon wiki. You can check it all out here. That said, you'll probably find me more active over there as well.

The Poll

The poll is indefinitely closed. On this wiki, at least. The fanon one should be slightly more active with polls.

Past Polls

Who would win in a fight? Maxstick or Stick Dan?

Maxstick - 0; Stick Dan - 1; The result would be a huge explosion. Followed by a tie. - 1; I don't know! - 0

Ultimately: Stick Dan would win, or they would tie.

Who is the best Slush Fighter I have created?

Scottick - 0; The Stwins - 0; Stivan - 1; Maxstick - 2; Stick Alex - 0; Dexstick - 1; Stiris - 1

Results: Maxstick, the blindly enraged racer, wins. Stivan, Dexstick, and Stiris come by pretty close (by 1).

Who is the WORST character I have created? Come on, be honest here. I can take it.

Basically everyone but Captain Scottick, Strixie, and Turbine - 0; Captain Scotick - 3; Strixie - 2; Turbine - 1

Results: Captain Scottick wins the "admirable" "honor" of being the worst character I've created by 1 vote, not that I'm surprised. ("Does that mean I win something?") In second place is Strixie with 2 votes ("If you'll excuse Strixie, she has two fools to SMITE."), and Turbine comes third with 1 ("It's not my fault I don't have a personality yet!"). Everyone else got no votes.

Favorite Music

I've gone mad. I actually made it. Them, rather. Depends on how many pages I make.

beatmania IIDX (1st-10th Style)

beatmania IIDX (RED-tricoro)