aka Ram's helpful butler

  • I live in In the Other Fantasy World
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is an awesome but mysterious combat butler
  • I am some dude you forgot to call about that $5 you owe me
ReZero's ever cute Ram

mah kawaii waifu, Ram-chan

YOU FOUND MY PAGE!?! Are you a wizard? Meh, smoof stoof be amazing

Hi! As you already what name is, I am a very Mysterious Wikian whose Identity is still shrouded in mystery. Yeah I know, pretty corny. Anyways, Im new here in the Slush Invaders Wiki and I love the series so far. I hope someone out there can finally crack my true identity and reveal me to everyone I know (I hope not) :p

I have a waifu

Her name is Ram and i am her butler

obey... her, or u ded

Where to find me

  1. The Other Fantasy World
  2. A mansion in the world mentioned above
  3. A secret cabin in the woods near a swamp that grows spotted potatoes
  4. Under your couch
  5. Behind somebody's left toe
  6. Probably nowhere...

My Arts

My Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarts. CHECK THEM OUT!!

  • Lucas gave you a thumbs up. BE PROUD, MORTALS!!!
  • I have the swag. Can you handle it?
  • My best friends
  • It's big, but not big enough for both us... (and yes, my line sucks :P )
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