Bureaucrat Administrator
  • I live in anywhere but here.
  • My occupation is trying to decide my occupation
  • I am refusing to tell you who I am
that pie... that's mine]

my friends on the wiki

  • Gildedguy (I think he's epic for making slush invaders)

more coming soon

my all time favourite slush fighters

  1. Stick Sean
  2. Sthomas
  3. Gildedguy (Stick Micheal)


Stick Sean's Character Pose This user is a fan of Stick Sean.
Sthomas This user is a fan of Sthomas.
Giledguy This user is a fan of Gildedguy.

big templates

Join the chat!
Join the chat!
Go on the chat!

Live! Chat


This template was made by Mart456t for use of all users. Do not abuse the template in anyway and/or do not take credit for it. To add this template to a page, add {{ChatOnWiki}}.

my gifs 6c10fccfb446eee37bd658145c8a05e4Mart456t is epic

my edit count

Mart456t's Editcount (+)
(Main) 626
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User 199
User talk 46
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Portal 626
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User blog 9
User blog comment 80
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Board Thread 489
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