About Me!

I am a boy about or under 13

born on 2004 september 13 ITS CONFESSION TIME

I am grade 5 best in english and nice in science but 74 average in math poor poor

i have a bad habbit its called talkative and filipino0 word its mikulit ( ahhh dont know it)

Friends in the wiki

  1. vince famous on the name vincetick
  2. chakatan men hes so nice and you can trust him
  3. Stucker my friend in real life or more

What I do on Saturdays and Sundays

  1. wake up first
  2. watch TV anything
  3. drink breakfast or eat
  4. sleep
  5. wake up
  6. computer
  7. check wiki for 3 hours and 30 minute
  8. eat lunch
  9. check wiki till dinner
  10. eat dinner
  11. check wiki
  12. sleep
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