A Introductoin

YO YO YO, 'C' TO THE 'Z'...Wait... that spells 'craz'...

AH forget it, so any way, this is ma new page. You may remember me, i'm the user Stick Waqas, but enough of the past me, more of the future me.

now basically... basically..... ALL THAT U NEED TO KNOW IS THAT IM CRAZY AND LOVE PICKLES >:3

My top 3 friends(note that there by most favrite to least favrite)

  1. Vince(Vincetick)
  2. Retro(Retro&Random)
  3. Ahs/Try(Ahsuntry)

More coming soon...

Hated users and good users

Good users:

  • Vince
  • Retro
  • TRS
  • Try
  • Fan
  • Mart
  • GN
  • BX

Hated users:

... I Guess no one :P

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