aka Ahsuntry

  • I live in My Villiage
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is Being a CoC addict.
  • I am a Clasher
Hello anonymous user! I'm Ahsuntry and this is my User page.The following are some things about me.


  • Make my To-Do-List
  • Add personalities to my stickmen.(12.5% done)
  • Make my own series
  • Start my own series

The Nature of My Sig

T r y TryStick(SITSSE5PicReDesigned) 07:45, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

My Favorite Pages

My Favourite Slush Fighters

Stick Sean's Character Pose This user is a fan of Stick Sean.

1.Stick Sean:Teleportion ability makes him untouchable(kinda).

2.Sthomas:COMBO MASTER!!!!!
Sthomas This user is a fan of Sthomas.

3.Sthang:You can't kill me.
StHang This user is a fan of Sthang.

4.Stick James:He can call upon all the slush fighters in his ultra(no powers though unless you count punching buttons).
Stick James' Character Pose This user is a fan of Stick James.

5.Stucker:Daggers are awesome.
Stucker's Character Pose This user is a fan of Stucker.

Friends List


these are pics of random stuff like games i am playing etc.

Gravitee Wars

ShellShock Live 2

Town of Salem

Other Stuff


Note:I totally didn't steal this from Skpcboy.

These are the things I am scared of and stuff in real life.

  • Darkness
  • Lizards
  • Animals (Some)
  • Blood
  • Heights
  • Death
  • Mythological Creatures
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