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Toasters are machines designed by the Slush Invaders to keep the Slush Fighters out of the sky (almost like automated tanks, except without the tubey things on them). They toss grenades at any airborne slush fighters, interrupting their combo and damaging them. However, Toasters are virtually defensless when dealing with ground-level fighters, so if the player were to target the Toaster itself, there would be nothing it could do about it. The Toaster can only be found in the game.


Role in Game

Toasters exist to provide air support for the Drabs, as they launch live grenades into the air to stop attacking fighters. They can launch grenades at any altitude, allowing them attack anyone in the air. Although Toasters can't do anything about Slush Fighters targeting it, it can shoot a grenade at the fighter if they jump close to the Toaster before attacking.


  • Toasters and Mobiles are the only enemies on wheels.
  • Toasters, unlike Drabs, don't hover.
  • The grenades the toasters toss resemble small, explosive pods rather than grenades.
  • Hence the name, a Toaster doesn't look anything like it's kitchen appliance counterpart.
  • The bombs are small blue green spheres.
  • Toasters have a similar color to Drabs, only lighter.