Stucker (Tucker) is a white stickman with a red outline and part of the Slush Fighters. He uses daggers as weapons. In the game,


he gains a bandanna. His powers are loosely based on the warcraft rogue class and Scott Pilgrim.

Role in Movie

Stucker recieves an email from Stickyle that Standrew has been knocked out.(Both was in the same room, why Stickyle don'ttell Stucker that their leader was beaten up?) This leaves the two, along with Stedro, to leave their room to beat up the Blues. After a while fighting them with unarmed combat, Stucker summons his twin daggers and proceeds to hack and slash every Blue in his path. However, he, Stedro, and Stickyle get captured by Drabs, leaving Ben Stickobi and Sticorey to save them. Stucker later appears at the end of the movie to gang up on Big Blue.

Role in Game

Stucker Upgrades

Stucker's Upgrades

Stucker's Character Pose

Unlocked Stucker

Stucker is one of the Slush Fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is later rescued after defeating the Robo Hokie.


  • Auto-attacks ground enemies
  • Limited health


Tucker Slush Invaders Auto Icon

Stucker's player icon

  • Sprint
    • 20% attack frequency
  • Recoup
    • Instantly heals 100% health after defeating an enemy.
  • Blade Flurry

    Blade Flurry

    • Flying blades hit all enemies on screen!
    • Low damage (For ultras through)
    • Level 1 Ultra
    • Requires 1 Slush Token to unlock.


Stucker's Info

Stucker's Info

Stucker captured

Locked Stucker

  • Stucker never wore his bandana in the movie, nor did he seem capable of dealing brawler-based attacks in the game.
  • If you see closely, Stuckers upgrades shows Stucker WITHOUT his bandana.
  • Stucker is roommates with Stickirby.
  • Stucker is the last of the original trio (Stedro , Stickyle , and Stucker ) you unlock.
  • Stucker's locked image shows him tied up like a cow with a bandana on his mouth and his daggers lying on his sides.
  • Stucker's bandana was used as a gag to keep him quiet when the Back-up Blues captured him.
  • Stucker made a cameo / brief appearence in the background of Sthomas' preloader in Bored Preloaders.
  • Stucker is the only Slush Fighter that wears a Bandana
  • Stucker is the only one in the game who's slashes are blueish.
  • In Bitland and Moon Prison, its possible to make more than 20 hits, but the chances are higher at Moon Prision.
  • Stucker is the only one to use daggers in the whole series
  • Stucker got his daggers when an incident happened.

Spoliers start here. (Unconfirmed)
Stucker was in the library with his favorite bookmarks and his favorite book: all about daggers. He started playing with his bookmarks but he got carried away. He soon realized he scratched up the book. He thought that he was suspended for sure but turns out the book was a bad influence. So the librarian gave Stucker daggers.
Spoilers end here.

  • He is the only character to have white as his main color.
  • Stucker's Ultra attack is one of the ultra attacks that could kill the most.
  • Stucker, was said by Vincetick that he will have a more vital role to the series "Stickman Universe" being the teams #1 infiltrator, plus a secret to his twin daggers.
  • Stucker, along with Sthomas, will be appearing in a new video made by the Gildedguy himself.
  • In the new movie, Slush Invaders: Duel Stucker after they were recaptured by the Blues and put in his cage (again), when he took of his bandana he was seen with a mouth, this now concludes that Stucker is not one of the fighters that has no mouths, leaving Standrew , Stick Brian , BriStick , Stick JK , Stick Michael  and Stanthony as the fighters without or havent been seen with a mouth.
    • The movie also seems to show how Sthomas was put in a cage and Stucker on how he got his bandana or how he got 'tied up like a cow'.
  • In the Slush Invaders Duel, Stucker used his Ultra attack against Sthomas.
  • As seen from the movie and the Slush Invaders Duel, Stucker has the ability to summon his twin daggers.
  • When he summoned his daggers, it looked like it was summoned like they were digital.
    Screenshot from 2013-12-09 20-40-10
  • In a Concept art for the upcoming game, Stucker (if right) has the ability to throw and call back his Daggers.
    • His ability of throwing and calling them back maybe a reference to a Boomerang.
    • The difference is that his Dagger is a Knife-based weapon and its not bent (not counting the tip) and a Boomerang is a Stick-based weapon and it is curved.
  • Stucker is the only Slush Fighter that has appeared in every media of the Slush Invaders Series.
    • He first appeared in the movie.
    • He reappeared as a character that you unlock in the first game.
    • He briefly appeared in the Bored Pre-Loaders Video back in's Halloween Pre-Loaders 2011.
    • He and Sthomas were the only main Slush Fighters (with the ecxception of StedroStickyle and Big Blue (Stanthony) in the 2013 movie, Slush Invaders: Duel.
    • He also appearerd in the Beta (Prototype) Version as the first playable character along with Glidedguy (Stick Michael) in Slush Dungeon.
      Screenshot from 2014-05-13 21-00-06

      His Player icon from the Slush Dungeon Proto type

  • Stucker never used hand-to-hand combat in the game. 
  • Some people thinks that Stucker is a girl, but his name tell that he is a boy.
  • In the game, he only don't wear his bandana in the upgrade page.
    Screenshot from 2014-05-13 21-00-15

    How Stucker appears in the Slush Dungeon Prototype

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