White and Dark Orange Outline

Powers and Abilties

Dagger Proficiency, agility, auto attacks ground enemies, limited health


Sprint, Recoup, Blade Flurry

Unlocked At

Defeating Robo Hokie

Why not just turn Gilded and break those chains?

—Stucker to Gildedguy in Slush Dungeon

Stucker (Tucker) is a white stickman with a red-orange outline, and is a member of the Slush Fighters. He uses daggers and tactics as weapons and skills. In the game, he gains a bandanna. His powers are loosely based on the Warcraft rogue class and Scott Pilgrim.

Slush Invaders

Stucker receives an email from Stickyle (who was in front of him) that Standrew has been knocked out. This leaves the two, along with Stedro, to leave their room to beat up the Blues. After a while fighting them with unarmed combat, Stucker summons his twin daggers and proceeds to hack and slash every Blue in his path. However, he, Stedro, and Stickyle get captured by Drabs, leaving Ben Stickobi and Sticorey to save them. Stucker later appears at the end of the movie to gang up on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stucker is one of the Slush Fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is later rescued after defeating the Robo Hokie.


  • Auto-attacks ground enemies
  • Limited health


  • Sprint
    • 20% attack frequency
  • Recoup
    • Instantly heals 100% health after defeating an enemy.
  • Blade Flurry
    • Flying blades hit all enemies on screen!
    • Low damage (For ultras through)
    • Level 1 Ultra
    • Requires 1 Slush Token to unlock.

Slush Invaders: Duel

Stucker is one of the main characters, along with Sthomas in this 2013 animation by Gildedguy. Just after the video begins with Crazy Jay walking into the arena, shoving a guard Drab aside and showing his ID card, presenting Drillfield with Big Blue being chased by Stedro and Stickyle and rolling down to view blues entering the fight with Drabs guarding the entrance, Sthomas and Stucker are seen playing a game of cards. Just before Stucker wins, the light blares and Sthomas and Stucker glance at each other.

Each of the fighters are carried into the arena by Blues and get dumped on each side of the arena. Stucker whips his bandanna on and engages on Sthomas, but he gets slammed to the ground. Sthomas attacks again by trying to drop kick Stucker but fortunately he manages to block it. Sthomas tries to punch Stucker multiple times before he drop kicks him to the ground. Stucker lands on the ground with Sthomas landing lightly on the ground. Stucker gives Sthomas the thumbs up signal and Sthomas makes a pose. As they keep on battling each other, the Drabs fire bombs on them but Sthomas rescues Stucker from the explosion, both of them running at a great speed. Stucker notices blue paint leaking into the battlefield by sliding on the evil mess and also notices a platform rising out of the gunk and dashes toward the top.

Stucker successfully gets to the top, only to figure out Sthomas got to the top first and summons his daggers. He tosses them at Sthomas, who dodges them and tries to slash him, but he gets pummelled by Sthomas instead, who triumphs over him while he lies there unconscious. Stucker recovers and kicks him up and even rescues Sthomas after he almost falls into the blue paint. Sthomas jumps back up and they both share a laugh before Sthomas punches Stucker repeatedly in each side. Stucker slashes him back and the battle grows until they fly metres into the sky before they both torpedo toward the ground in a huge funnel of kinetic energy.

As they hit the ground, they emerge and Sthomas evades the first dagger attack by Stucker and rapidly pummels him in the face before throwing him to the ground and failing to attack him since he used his Ultra Attack on him; Blade Flurry. However, both of them get hit by a grenade launched by a Drab who signalled them to kill each other and end the duel once and for all. Sthomas picks up Stucker and hurls him at the Drab, getting the Drab stabbed and Stucker killing the surrounding blues. Sthomas leaps, his jump boosted by a Drab bomb and lands into the crowd, summoning his blast attack and Stucker braces himself. Sthomas blasts, but however he doesn't blast Stucker, he laser beams a blue who was about to capture him. Sthomas slides in front of Stucker and the deadly duo battle the audience with Stucker rapidly slashing every blue in his path. But soon they both get recaptured and Stucker is thrown back in his cage. He sees Sthomas waving to him happily and he waves back, smiling.

Slush Tile Rush

Stucker is one of the characters in the game he can do near limitless chains because he can summon one Stucker tile when he attacks. However, the downside is that Stucker may also cause the player an unintentional game over if one is not careful enough to consider that the board can fill up with his and the rest of the currently placed team's tiles.

Each attacks cause 5,6,7,8..... damage

His Ultra is called Blade Flurry and does 15 Damage.


  • An active Stucker Tile
  • An activated Stucker Tile
  • A(n) locked/unchosen Stucker Tile
  • Stucker attack image #1
  • Stucker's Special Move attack image #1
  • Stucker during the montage
  • Stucker's Icon from the first game
  • Stucker's Info box in the first game
  • Stucker's Upgrades in the first game
  • Stucker's Ultra Attack picture
  • Stucker's locked image
  • Stucker equipping his twin daggers in the second movie
  • Stucker's model in the cancelled game
  • Stucker's Icon in the cancelled game



  • Stucker is roommates with Stickirby.
  • Stucker is the only Slush Fighter that wears a bandanna.
  • Stucker is the only one to use daggers in the whole series.
  • Stucker has an unrecognizable language whenever he talks in the game due to his mouth being covered by his bandana. Thus far, as seen in the cancelled Slush Dungeon game, only Sthomas and Stick Michael seem to be the only ones to understand what he says.

Slush Invaders

  • Stucker never wore his bandana in the movie, nor did he seem capable of dealing brawler-based attacks in the game.

Slush Invaders: Game

  • Stucker was ninth in the lineup when the Slush Fighters were ganging up against Big Blue. He was captured when a rope was wrapped around his leg and pulled him away.
  • He was also seen when the Blues were dragging some of the other fighters away.
  • If you see closely, Stucker's upgrades shows Stucker WITHOUT his bandanna.
  • Stucker is the last of the original trio (Stedro, Stickyle, and Stucker) you unlock.
  • Stucker's locked image shows him tied up like a cow with a bandana on his mouth and his daggers lying on his sides.
  • Stucker's bandana was used as a gag to keep him quiet when the Back-up Blues captured him.
  • Stucker made a cameo/brief appearance in the background of Sthomas' preloader in Bored Preloaders.
  • Stucker is the only one in the game whose slashes are bluish read down by Stucker real.
  • In Bitland and Moon Prison, it's possible to make more than 20 hits, but the chances are higher at Moon Prison.
  • He is the only character, not counting Stanthony, to have white as his main color.
  • Stucker's Ultra attack is one of the ultra attacks that could kill the most.
  • Stucker, along with Sthomas, will be appearing in a new video made by Gildedguy himself.
  • In the new movie, Slush Invaders: Duel, after Stucker was recaptured by the Blues and put in his cage (again), he took off his bandana he was seen with a mouth, this now concludes that Stucker is not one of the fighters that has no mouths, leaving Standrew, Stick Brian, BriStick, Stick JK, Stick Michael and Stanthony as the fighters without or haven't been seen with a mouth.
    • The movie also seems to show how Sthomas was put in a cage and Stucker on how he got his bandana or how he got 'tied up like a cow'.
  • In Slush Invaders: Duel, Stucker used his Ultra Attack on Sthomas.
  • As seen from the movie and in Slush Invaders: Duel, Stucker has the ability to summon his twin daggers.
  • When he summoned his daggers, it looked like they were summoned as if they were digital.
  • In a concept art for the upcoming game, Stucker (if right) has the ability to throw and call back his Daggers.
    • His ability of throwing and calling them back may be a reference to a boomerang.
    • The difference is that his daggers are knife-based weapons and are not bent (not counting the tip) and a boomerang is a stick-based weapon and is curved.
  • Stucker is the only Slush Fighter that has appeared in every media of the Slush Invaders Series.
  • Stucker never used hand-to-hand combat in the game. 
  • Some people think that Stucker is a girl, but his name confirms that he is a boy.
  • In the game, he doesn't wear his bandana in the upgrade page.
  • In the intro of the game, Stucker doesn't wear his bandana. It's a mystery where he got it.
  • Stucker appears to be (or at least a bit) immune to Blue Paint.

Slush Dungeon

  • It is quite rare to start off the game with Stucker because usually the player gets either Stick Michael or Sthomas as the first playable fighter.
  • In the beta, if the player uses Sthomas to break Stucker out of his cage, a dialogue will play which is in regard to how long he has been captive and it seems that Stucker has been captive for a month, angering Sthomas to take revenge on the baddies.

Slush Invaders Duel

  • It is revealed that, due to him being a popular fighter (as Gildedguy says), Stucker was easily captured because the Invaders "knew about his powers".

Slush Tile Rush

  • Stucker's style of fighting is very similar to Stedro's special attack, as they both summon tiles when they attack.
    • The only difference is that Stucker's regular attack spawns one tile while Stedro spawns four tiles when he activates his special.
  • Stucker is one of the only four characters in the game to have two attack images. The others are Sthomas, Stedro and Sthang.
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