Sticorey (Corey) is a pinkish white stickman with a white outline who's a member of the Slush Fighters. He has the ability to generate a psychic shield. Although the movie made it look more as if he were bulletproof, the game made it more apparent, with a shield appearing everytime Sticorey was hit.
Sticorey's Info

Sticorey's Info

Role in Movie

Along with Ben Stickobi, Sticorey was hiding in the bushes, waiting to strike on a team of Drabs guarding Stedro, Stickyle, and Stucker. As soon as one of the Drabs check on the bush, Sticorey leaps out and punches the Drab. He used his psychic shield to protect Ben while he dealt with the Drabs. After taking one of them out, he is blasted back by a Drab with a shotgun. Fortunately, Stedro, Stickyle, Stucker, and Ben stop and kill the Drab. Sticorey later appears to gang up on Big Blue.

Role in Game


Sticorey with his shield

Sticorey Upgrades

Sticorey Upgrades

Sticorey is one of the fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is later rescued after beating Lake.

Corey Slush Invaders Auto Icon

Sticorey's player icon


  • Blocks incoming attacks
  • Invincibility to ally <left< of Sticorey's icon [Represented by icon of Sticorey] 
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    Sticorey Icon


  • Bolster
    • Sticorey's shield grows 40%
  • HP+
    • Total health is increased by 75%
  • Aegis


    • Invincibility for everyone!* (*Blues not included)
    • Level 2 Ultra
    • Requires 1 Slush Token to unlock


Sticorey's main weakness is Drabs . Due to their long range and Sticorey's rather big shield, Sticorey can easily be hit by a drab's bullets. Plus, due to multiple bullets from the drabs, a single combo of bullets can take out approximately 1/8 of Sticorey's health. It is suggested to use Stickirby in this case, either by copying an Azure which can protect Sticorey, or by copying a Cobalt to block the drabs' shots.


  • Sticorey trapped

    Locked Sticorey

    There is a (possible) glitch where Sticorey's invincibility boost doesn't go away if Sticorey dies and the fighter affected by his boost is still onscreen. Players can exploit this by giving the invinciblity to an auto character like Stucker, and they will remain invincible for the remainder of the level.
  • Sticorey's locked image shows all of his body, except his head, locked up in a blocky cage.
  • Sticorey is actually the strongest of the Slusher Residents.
  • Sticorey is part of a combo extension called Endangered Pheonix. However Endangered Pheonix hurts combos instead of helping them.
  • Sticorey's ultra (Aegis) is one of few supportive ultra attacks found in Slush Invaders, aside from Stick Sean .
  • Sticorey's ultra is the only ultra that does minimal (0) damage.
  • Sticorey is the only slush defender that can not fight nor do damage.(Stick Michael doesn't count since he can transform into Gildedguy) It could be to balance his ability to protect others but not himself.
  • Sticorey is the only Slush Fighter who can block off other attacks, and the only one to get hurt, even though his shield gets damaged and the attacks are way on top, as seen from the game.
  • Sticorey glitch can not be a glitch.
  • Badge-picture-1

    His badge

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