Stickyle (Kyle) is an orange stickman who's part of the Slush Fighters. He has the power to generate fire, especially fireballs (pyrokinesis). His power is based off of assorted RPG fire mages, as he always selects this character type.



Orange and Red Outline

Abilities and Powers



Drillfield (Day)


Computer Games (RPG Games)


Fireball+ Activate Star Storm

Slush Invaders

As Stickyle stretches in his chair after playing some computer games, he sees Standrew knocked out and an army of Blues outside his door, and immediately sends a message saying this to Stucker. The two, along with Stedro, go outside their room and proceed to beat up the Blues. Stickyle incinerates every Blue coming into his range However, he is captured by Drabs, along with Stucker and Stedro. Later in the movie, Sticorey and Ben Stickobi free the trio. He later appears at the end of the movie to gang up on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders: Game

Big Blue's Backup Forces failed to catch Stickyle but, for reasons unknown, didn't help the Slush Fighters in the beginning even though he did beat up several blues in the intro. He decided to help the Slush Fighters after beating Drillfield Day .


  • Shoots random fireballs throughout the level.
  • Initial attack: Multiple fireballs.


  • Fireball+
    • 20% more fireballs.
  • Activate
    • Activate attack for Stickyle: small kick with powerful combo following if kick lands successfully (very difficult to activate) (continues to hurl fireballs)
  • Star Storm
    • Billions upon billions of stars!
    • 5 stars bombard target, with last star dealing high damage. the last one actually charges extra power before striking.
    • Level 2 Ultra
    • Requires 1 Slush Token to unlock.

Slush Tile Rush

Stickyle is one of the unlockable characters in the game. His special is best for destroying large clumps of tiles while dealing Massive amounts of damage

The Minimum amount of damage he can deal is Seven and rises by one each additional chain

His Special is called Star Storm

The Effect of StarStorm is that it deals five damage for every tile next to it destroyed (Including itself) this is best used to get rid of large amounts of tiles. The Optimal amount of damage the special can deal is 60 (Stickyle tiles on the medium column)

On Stickyle's ultra, Star Storm, it shows his fingers during the end of his special attack.



  • Stickyle is roommates with Stedro, though Stucker can frequently be found in his room
  • Stickyle has similar abilities to Sthang. The only difference between them is that Stickyle has green flames (as well as his normal ones) and Sthang dies a lot and reanimates (Stickyle has unlimited HP). Another difference is that Sthang's fire is red and smooth when on the other hand, Stickyle's flames are more explosive

Slush Invaders

  • If you look closely during the movie, you can see Stickyle close the door in front of Stedro during Standrew's scene

Slush Invaders: Game

  • Stickyle was fifth in the lineup when the Slush Fighters were ganging up against Big Blue. He dodged the rope that attempted to pull him into the bushes
  • Stickyle,along with Stedro, Steric , and Stick Michael has two different icons (in his case, and auto and input icon)
  • Along with Stedro and Stucker, Stickyle seems to be an avid video gamer, as shown in the first movie.
  • Stickyle's locked image shows him just sitting
  • Stickyle was never actually captured, in the intro cutscene, you can see him and Stickhanh fighting the Back-up Blues
    • The reason why Stickyle was never seen in the first level, is because players can only use 3 fighters at once at the beginning of the game (this is due to the team slot)
  • Stickyle is the only fighter that auto-attacks and can be called in at the same time
  • Of all the Slush Fighters, Stickyle's standard attack is the hardest to activate, aim properly, or even perform
  • Stickyle and Stagar were the only ones sitting down as their "Locked Form"
  • Stickyle, Stagar, Stickirby, and Westick are the only Slush Defenders to not be necessarily "trapped" in their locked form (Stickyle is just sitting, Stagar is laying on the ground, Stickirby is in his rock form, and Westick is kneeling)

Slush Invaders Duel

  • He appeared in the Slush Invaders Duel, chasing Big Blue with Stedro


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