Stick Sean is a purple stickman with an orange border and a member of the Slush Fighters/Slush Defenders. He has the power to generate portals capable of taking anyone into another area (the blue portal is the entrance while the orange portal is the exit). This is a reference to the game Portal.

Slush Invaders (movie)

Stick Sean was seen beating up Blues using his portal powers to dodge and increase the power of his attacks. Sean later made an appearance at the end of the movie to gang up on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stick Sean is one of the fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is later rescued after beating Blue Base.


  • Instantly teleports enemies to their location.


  • Linear Momentum
    • Alt. attack for Big Blue: Big Blue is teleported high into the air, and is then spiked downwards.
  • Teleportal
    • Ally <left< of Sean's icon is teleported closer to their target.
    • Represented by icon of blue and red portal
  • Wormhole
    • Instantly warp through 30% of the entire level!

Slush Tile Rush

"Need to relocate a tiles? This portal-user can switch places with any other teammate's tile!" (I'm assuming you can see the typo, this is straight from the game)

  • His normal attack deals 1, 2, 3, 4 then +1 for each chain (which is weak).
  • He can swap with another tile by tapping Sean with a tile that is on the opposite side (does not work with enemy tiles).
  • His special, "Tidy Tiles" rearranges all tiles depending on type.
    • He will only specially rearrange all the tiles you that is on screen.

So if you have 5 Seans and 3 Sthomas, 5-3=2 if you use his special you will be left with 2 Seans and 1 Sthomas.



  • Stick Sean is roommates with Stick Brian.
  • It's unknown if Stick Sean's portals could lead to anywhere else without him looking. Judging by the cutscenes from Slush Invaders: Game, he requires a line of sight to create portals.
  • Thanks to his warping abilities, he is one of the fastest fighters.
  • He has something toward Steric.
  • In all Slush Fighter-related works, Stick Sean is shown shouting "IM THE MAN" (yes, in all caps) for about half a second or less (the end of the movie, the 1-minute recap, and a cutscene in Slush Tile Rush). It can safely be assumed that this is his self-entitled catch phrase.

Slush Invaders: Game

  • Stick Sean's Ultra only increases the speed of the player's progress until they're 30% further.
  • If Sean's Ultra does not go through the end of the level, players may still have to attack Big Blue to prevent an automatic game over.
  • Stick Sean's locked image shows him stuck in a glass box.
  • Stick Sean's portal generating abilities are a reference to the game Portal.
  • Stick Sean's ultra in the game (Wormhole) is one of few supportive (no damage) Ultra Attacks.
  • Stick Sean was the Slush Fighter that saved everyone from being blown up on the moon (well, using Steric's rifle, that did)...
    • It would be noted that, even though Steric didn't do anything, both of them saved everyone from the Moon Explosion. Steric helped indirectly, and Stick Sean saved everyone.
  • Whenever Stick Sean opens a portal, his hand can be seen on the inside waving (Note that he may or may not be on the other side while the inside him waves).
  • Sean is the only fighter to have an an animated sprite.
  • If you take a look closely at his portals, you can see his hand making the portal. It's unknown how he makes these portals and attacks at the same time.
  • Stick Sean's portals' colors match the colors of the portals in the game "Portal".
  • Stick Sean is also one of the Slush Fighters in the game whose name has a dual color, unlike the other Slush Fighters.
    • His name colors are Violet and Orange.
  • His powers defy the fact that, stated in the Portal games, portals can only be shot onto a surface with liquid moon rock on it.

Slush Tile Rush

  • When faced up with a dodge and the enemy is at 0 dodge, and you have a chain, you are able to switch a tile which doesn't interrupt the chain at all.


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