Stick Matt (Matt) is a purple stickman with no outline who is a member of the Slush Fighters. Due to his stretchiness, he is the tallest and most flexible of the Slush Fighters. In combat, he uses his stretching abilities and some dragon spirits to fight.

Slush Invaders

Stick Matt appears to help Sthomas to beat up a Blue by attacking it with his flexibility, right after Stick Brian gets finished attacking the Blue. Matt later appears to gang up on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders: Game

Big Blue's minions failed to capture Stick Matt in the intro cutscene but somehow he got tangled up. You rescue him after beating Slusher.


  • Dragon spirit hits multiple foes
  • High speed attacks


  • Power+ (Stick Matt)
    • +30% attack power
  • Triple Dragon
    • 3 dragons will be summoned instead of 1
  • Spinx7
    • Power of spin attack is multiplied by 7
    • Unlocked by beating Slusher's bonus objectives:
      • Have only 1 fighter on the team
      • Beat the mission in 90 seconds


  • Stick Matt has no Ultra Attack
  • Stick Matt's Bonus Upgrade can be Unlocked by beating Slusher's bonus objective.


  • Stick Matt's locked image shows him all tangled up.
  • Stick Matt has no outline, but in his Info box shows that he has one.
  • His powers resemble those of Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, Lastik Man, and Monkey D. Luffy .
  • Stick Matt is known for being the only Slush Fighter that can solo Big Blue, this is only in the case of both Slusher and Drillfield.
  • Stick Matt is roommates with BriStick.
  • Stick Matt, along with Stedro and Ben Stickobi, are the only ones who contain a Power+ upgrade.
  • Even though it says in the catagories that it said that Stick Matt got captured, he didn't as he managed to escape falling into the secret hole just mere seconds before it reached him.
  • Stick Matt is also one of the Slush Fighters, unlike the others in the game whose name has a dual color.
    • His name colors in the game are Black and Purple.
  • It is still unknown he got trapped and/or locked up, although he may have been defending himself from the back up Blues and either got all tangled up from the amount of enemies present or got tied up by the Blues themselves.
  • Stick Matt is one of the Slush Fighters can solo Big Blue.
  • It is unknown that Stick Matt summon dragons. It is the reason that dragons are long? Or, he loves dragons.


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