Stick Jorge is a light green stickman with a green outline and orange cape who is a Slush Fighter. He did not appear in the movie, apart from by name during Sthomas' scene. He made an appearance in the game as a melee fighter who's power increased 10% everytime he was called in.

Role in Movie

Stick Jorge's Info

Stick Jorge's Info

Stick Jorge made no appearance in the movie, apart from being mentioned by name in Sthomas' scene.

Role in Game

Stick Jorge Upgrades

Stick Jorge Upgrades

Stick Jorge was captured by Big Blue's men. He is unlocked after beating Data Wall on NG+ mode.
Stick Jorge

He'll come back stronger then ever

Locked Stick Jorge

Locked Stick Jorge



his player icon

  • Power increases 10% everytime he fights up to 2x


  • Power Cap+
    • Raises Jorge's power limit to 3x.
  • Team Brawler
    • All melee fighters on the team get a 10% attack boost
    • This is represented by his fist.
    • Team Brawler is including Marcstick,Stagar,Stedro,Stickhanh,Stick Brian, Stick James,Stick Matt,Sthang,Stick Sean,BriStick,and,Sthomas.
  • Level Up
    • Whenever Stick Jorge reaches 2x, or 3x power, the Ultra Meter is increased by one bar.
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Team Brawler Icon


  • Stick Jorge, along with Stickwart, Stick Dan, BriStick, and Stickirby, is only unlocked in NG+ Mode.
  • Stick Jorge and Sthomas were roommates prior to the movie.
  • Stick Jorge's cape is seen in his icon and unlocked version without an outline, while in his locked form, his cape has an outline.
  • Stick Jorge may have moved out of Slusher Wing since he didn't make an appearance in the movie. In addition, his emblem has a post-it with Sthang's name on it, further suggesting this.
  • Stick Jorge was imprisoned by being tied up with his own cape.
  • Stick Jorge is one of the three only defenders that have capes. The others are Sthomas and Gildedguy.
  • Stick Jorge is the last fighter ever to be unlocked in the game.
  • Stick Jorge's pose in Level Up is very similar to Stick James' pose in the game.
  • Stick Jorge's outline is the same color as his fill, only darker.
  • Out of all the caped fighters, Stick Jorge is the only one who got tied up by his own cape.
  • Stick Jorge is actually colored Lime Green.
  • One of Stick Jorge's attacks is level up, this could be that Stick Jorge could be a gamer.
  • Stick Jorge, along with Sthomas, Joshtick and Stick James are the only ones that have a supportive upgrade showing a fist.
    • Sthomas and Stick Jorge are really like brothers...Knowing the fact that they show fist icons, they wear capes, they're logo are similar to Optimus Prime's logo and they like gaming...
  • Stick Jorge is also one of the Slush Fighters in the game whose name has a dual color.
    • His name colors are Red then Lime Green.
  • His icon look's like Stedro's Input icon but a square.
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