Stick James
Stick James (James)


Dark Grey and Black

Abilities and Powers

Ground Pound, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Jumping


Galaxyrise (Normal Mode)


Punching Buttons


Recharge Boost, Button Punch+, Mass Alert


Slush Invaders (Original) Slush Invaders (Game) Slush Dungeon Slush Tile Rush

Stick James (James) is a dark grey stickman with a black outline who's a member of the Slush Fighters. Although the movie never fully demonstrated what his ability was, he specializes in supporting the other Slush Fighters. However, that doesn't mean that James can't handle himself in a fight; he can also perform powerful punches. This is further emphasized in the game, where his punches fully recharge all allies adjacent to James' icon. He may have also been the one who installed the emergency invasion button in Slusher Wing.

Slush Invaders

After the first scene where Stedro, Stickyle, and Stucker are introduced, Stick James takes a peek outside his door to see that the Slush Invaders have captured the three. James sneaks his way into the emergency invasion button, only to be caught by a Drab. However, he punches the button and sounds the alarm, alerting Stomar and Marcstick to the invasion. James takes out two Drabs, the second one's SMG falling into James' hands. He then fires the gun at a giant mob of Blues and Drabs, killing them all. James later appears at the end to gang up on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stick James is one of the fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He got captured when two metal coils caught him by surprise and dragged below a makeshift pit made the Invaders, sending him down along with the others. He is later rescued after beating Galaxyrise.


  • Punch attack fully recharges all allies <<Adjacent>> to James' icon


  • Recharge Boost
    • Ally <left< of James' icon recharges 15% faster
    • Represented by icon of arrow with pink stickman
  • Button Punch+
    • James' punch fully recharges ALL allies on team
    • Represented by icon of button
  • Mass Alert
    • Instantly summon the help of all active Slush Fighters!
    • Does not include fighters that are already out or locked
    • Bonus points rewarded for using Ultra with at least all fighters unlockable from normal mode unlocked (Lots of Slush)
    • Level 2 Ultra
    • Requires one Slush Token to unlock


  • Gives enemy and boss strategies

Slush Tile Rush

Stick James is one of the unlockable characters in the game. His purpose is to a wild card character but he can still attack by himself. Basically, if you use a tile of James, you are able to use a tile of somebody else from the other side.


Stick James's tile is on the left, a Steric tile is on the right. You are able to use James's tile on Steric's tile despise them being different.

His attack starts in 7 damage then 8, 9, 10...

His ultra attack is called "Super 'ssistinace".

His ultra attack can transform all different tiles in to one kind of tile for example you have different tiles then you used his skill then they turn to Sean's tiles.



  • Although he does not have any super powers, he seems to have a very strong fist to punch the lights out of enemies.
  • He punches buttons since 1967.
  • It seems that he goes berserk when a gun lands on his arms.
  • Stick James is an admin of the Slush Invaders Facebook Page as stated in an status update.
  • Stick James does not use a gun in the game. In the movie, he took it from the drab he fought.
    • This makes him the only character, along with Stick Luke, to not use a weapon they had in the movie in the game. However, he took his weapon, so that would make sense.

Slush Invaders: Game

  • From the Team List, Stick James is located at center from all the other fighters.
  • In the trailer, the part with Stedro and Stickyle, Big Blue's pose looks similar to Stick James' pose. Also, sometimes Big Blue poses like Stick James does in the beginning movie before being launched by Standrew.
  • Crazy Jay's Ultra attack during the Stickpage intro is similar to Stick James' attack. The only difference is that Crazy Jay broke an entire wall, while James punches things, day and night.
  • The Bluish Fighters are the only enemy or boss that Stick James did not give info on. This is probably because they are Slush Fighters, and that you will find out their powers and abilities when you use them.
  • Stick James' attack is the only attack that consists of only one punch.
  • Stick James' locked image shows him tied with a metal band on his feet.
  • Stick James made a brief appearance in the background of Sthomas' preloader in Bored Preloaders.
  • Stick James is by far the only Slush Fighter that can summon the whole team in any ability.
  • There is a glitch you can do with his ultra, but you must have Marcstick's chain attack unlocked. To preform this glitch, use Stick James's ultra attack, Marcstick will be called out to start preforming his combo, if he doesn't get hit by the time you use Stick James's ultra again the original and the new Marcstick will be forever frozen, thus meaning you will have the alarm background for the entirety of the level.

Slush Tile Rush

  • Just like in the first game, he is a support character along with Stick Sean.
    • Also both of their ultras are a supporting type.


  • Stick James killing blues
  • Stick James' info
  • Stick James
  • Stick James activating his Ultra Attack
  • Stick James' icon in the first game
  • Stick James' Upgrades
  • Locked Stick James
  • Stick James activating his special attack, "Super 'ssistance"
  • Luke and James' tiles from Slush Tile Rush
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