Stick Dan is a grey stickman with a blue border who's a member of the Slush Fighters. In the movie, he is one of Stick Waqas' rocket riders. In the game, he wields a golden chainsaw rifle that deals massive damage, as well as being the only range burst fighter who starts with a melee combo. Dan's weapon is a reference to the Gears of War series.

Stick Dan's Info

Role in Movie

Stick Dan gives Stick Waqas the ready signal to launch the rockets towards Slusher Wing. Along with Stickwart and BriStick, he flies towards the building with the rockets and is the first one to hit the tower, killing a Blue in the process. Dan later appears to gang up on Big Blue


Stewart and Dan in Waqas' rockets.


Role in Game

Stick Dan Upgrades

Stick Dan is one of the fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is rescued after beating the Robo Hokie on NG+ mode. When activated, Stick Dan will rush forth and impale the targeted enemy with his chaingun. After goring them for a few seconds, the tosses them back and fires a stream of bullets at them.

Stick Dan.jpg

Stick Dan's player icon


  • Starts with melee combo followed by ranged bursts
  • High damage


  • Danage+
    • Deal 30% more danage.
  • Danage++
    • Decrease approach time by half.
    • Deal 20% more danage.
  • DANAGE+++
    • DEAL 150% MORE DANAGE!
    • Unlocked by beating Bitland's bonus objective:
      • Beat the mission in under 90 seconds.


  • Stick Dan's powers were never introduced until the game was released.

    Locked Stick Dan

    Pure Dan-age.

  • Stick Dan, along with Stickwart, BriStick, Stickirby, and Stick Jorge, is only unlocked in NG+ mode.
  • If Stick Dan's upgrades are put together in order, they form an image of Dan -here>
  • Danage ++ is actually worth more than DANAGE +++ since it halves initial approach time.but in game 2 the problem will be fixed
  • Dan's locked image shows him tied-up on both his arms and feet by a metal coil, leaving his Chainsaw Rifle unmanned. It is unknown why the Blues didn't pick it up and use for theselves.
  • Danage is a pun on Damage, since his name was Stick "Dan"
  • Stick Dan, along with Stedro, Stucker, Ben Stickobi , and Stomar , are the only fighters that attack with a melee weapon (however, Stedro is considered a brawler).
  • Stick Dan is roomates with Stickwart
  • He is one of the fighters with a gun.
  • Stick Dan has a saw on his gun (almost like a bayonet)
  • In his upgrades, he holds the rifle with one hand as if it were a pistol, but he uses it in combat with both hands.
  • During the missile launch scene in the movie, Stick Dan's rocket was the first to burst into the building.
  • Stick Dan does not have an ultra attack.
  • Stick Dan's attacks damage the Bluish Fighters a lot.
  • Scratch that thing on the top, Stick Dan's attack damages ALL THE BOSSES a lot!
  • HIs Danage upgrades are a better version than Power+.
  • Note that Stick Dan's chainsaw does most of the damaging when he attacks.
  • It's not known where Stick Dan got his gun, since he was shown without his gun when he was ganging up with the others on Big Blue.
  • Stick Dan is the only one who has a chainsaw-like weapon
  • Stick Dan deals the most damage to anyone! (Not including his allies)
  • When used, the combo does not increase until somewhere in the middle of his combo.
  • His attack chain slows down immediately when he fires his bullets, so send in another fighter to gain more velocity
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