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*Sthomas is currently roommates with [[Sthang]]. 
*Sthomas is currently roommates with [[Sthang]]. 
*Sthomas has a Transformers' Decepticon Logo.
*Sthomas has a Transformers' Decepticon Logo.
*Sthomas, along with Stick Jorge and [[Gildedguy]], are currently the only fighters to have capes.
*Sthomas, along with Stick Jorge and [[Stick Michael|Gildedguy]], are currently the only fighters to have capes.
*Sthomas had his own preloader section in [ Bored Preloaders]. He trick-or-treated at an odd house, only for a monsterous hand to grab his bag. Confused, he looks into the window, only for green flames to be spewed into his eyes.
*Sthomas had his own preloader section in [ Bored Preloaders]. He trick-or-treated at an odd house, only for a monsterous hand to grab his bag. Confused, he looks into the window, only for green flames to be spewed into his eyes.
*Sthomas was used in most of the concept art that Gildedguy made.
*Sthomas was used in most of the concept art that Gildedguy made.

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Black with dark blue outline

Powers and Abilities

Combo Master
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Agility
Laser Beams


Run Away!
Fists O' Fury
Super Ultimate Turbo Fighter 4 HD

Level Unlocked

Bluish Fighters


Dancing, fighting games, notably Street Fighter 2


Katana (only in Ultra attack)

Sthomas (Thomas) is a black Slush Fighter with a blue outline and cape, and one of the most popular and prominent Slush Fighters. He is able to replicate attacks from various fighting games, making all his attacks near-instantaneous. In addition, he is a combo master who can easily create chain attacks. He is most often associated with Guile's theme from Street Fighter 2.

Slush Invaders

As the camera zooms in on the door of Sthomas, showing his emblem to be a Decepticon logo colored like him, it soon zooms out to show Sthomas breaking down the door, with his cape flowing. The cape eventually flies away from Sthomas as he does a dance. After that, he fires a multitude of hadoukens with the commands appearing to the far right at a Drab, much to the Drab's confusion. The Drab then gets hit and soon is K.O.'d by the fireballs. A Blue approaches Sthomas, but only gets combo'd by him, getting hit 15 times. Stick Brian and Stick Matt then come by to help beat up the Blue. Sthomas reappears to kill the Blue by headbutting it to pieces. Turning around, Sthomas sees that he's surrounded by Blues and Drabs and makes a run for it through a hole in the 4th wall. He does not reappear until the montage and the end of the movie, where he appears to gang up on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders: Game


Sthomas is one of the fighters captured by Big Blue's men. He is later rescued after he is defeated along with Steric and Stomar as the Bluish Fighters.


  • Near-instantaneous attacks.
  • Wears a cape.


  • Run Away!
    • Sthomas immediately retreats after finishing a combo or getting hit to recharge.
  • Fists O' Fury
    • Sthomas and the ally >right> to his icon's attacks slowly fill the Ultra Bar.
      • Represented by an icon of Sthomas' fist with a blue circle around it.
  • Super Ultimate Turbo Fighter 4 HD
    • A flawless 45 hit combo! It first starts with fists and punching for the first 10 hits then starts kicking for the next 15 combos then pulls out a katana and attacks with it for the next 5 combos then finish it up with a blast attack for the last 5 combos. Sthomas then gives a thumbs up just to be awesome and to signal that his attack is over.
    • Level 3 Ultra.
    • Requires one Slush Token to unlock.


  • Gives tips on the button commands for the game.
  • Gives tips on the volume buttons.

As a Bluish Fighter

  • No upgrades.
  • Automatically targets Standrew.
  • Performs Ultra after Bluish Fighters' health is critically low.
  • Does very low damage in general; Ultra does very low damage as well.
  • Sthomas's cape turns from light blue to blue.


General Use

Sthomas benefits from instant engagement time, making him a clutch fighter when Big Blue is close to escape. His power also regenerates relatively quickly, and can be spammed (using partial drain) for several seconds. Sthomas's full combo actually deals little damage, and sends targets flying straight downward at the end. He quickly attacks using melee, making him more suitable for interrupting Azures and panic situations. It is not suggested to use him for gaining velocity on Big Blue. In the other hand, his full combo slows down Big Blue to a standstill, allowing time for other Slushers to pop in and make combos.

Ultra Farming

Sthomas's upgrade, Fists O' Fury, can be used in combination with spammable teammates to quickly generate Ultra Meter. The Combo Cookbook suggests arranging Westick next to Sthomas, due to his numerous scattered shots that will build up Ultra Meter faster. Ultra Attack Super Ultimate Turbo Fighter 4 HD is one of the only three Lvl 3 Ultra Attacks in the game. It's primary advantage is instantly building up an automatic +45 combo, which is useful for high scores. It is also has the longest animation for an ultra attack, which helps buy time for other fighters to recharge. This attack deals minimal damage (about one point) though, so targeting high HP enemies (and bosses) with this should not be a priority, unless Big Blue is at very low velocity or when you are waiting for other fighters to recharge.

Slush Invaders: Duel

Sthomas is first seen in a cage beside Stucker's, playing card games while captive in the Blues' underground base. Suddenly, the alarm goes off, signalling the beginning of the gladiator match. The duo are taken to the arena where they are set to fight. Sthomas is fired upon by the Drabs, who are overseeing the fight and commanding Sthomas to attack Stucker, who puts on his bandanna as Sthomas puts on his cape. Nevertheless, they charge at each other for a massive assault.

After a short brawl, Sthomas begins by slamming Stucker's head into the ground, drop kicking him and delivering several punches to him before sending him hurtling several metres in the air and once again drop kicking him. As Stucker crash lands onto the ground, Sthomas lands safely on his feet, unlike Stucker and notices Stucker signalling him, prompting him to do a heroic pose.

As the two continue to brawl, a Drab gives the gesture to a group of other Drabs to fire grenades at the two. Sthomas gets up from the fight and nearly gets blown up from behind if it wasn't for Stucker, who saves him at the nearest second. The two sprint through the arena while evading several bombs, but suddenly, Blue Paint begins leaking out of the ground through huge columns, forcing Stucker and Sthomas to get to the top of one of the columns.

When Sthomas reaches the top first, Stucker manages to climb onto the edge of the column and unleashes his daggers, sending in a mass of slashes onto Sthomas, but not long before he quickly knocks him down while performing another pose on his unconscious body. Stucker gets up and fights back, but suddenly, Sthomas slips and nearly falls into the Blue Paint below. Fortunately, Stucker manages to save him again by pinning his daggers down onto Sthomas' cape, anchoring him to the edge.

As Sthomas gets up, the two share a laugh before Sthomas follows up with a ton of punches to both of Stucker's sides and Stucker slashes Sthomas again with his daggers. Soon, both of them battle so hard that they ascend high into the air and spiral back down, colliding heavily with the ground. Sthomas and Stucker continue to battle it out in the air, with Sthomas delivering several punches to Stucker's face. Stucker then lands again, but before Sthomas could further attack him, he is knocked back by Stucker's Blade Flurry.

Immediately, their fight is interrupted by a Drab, who signal either of them to kill each other. Sthomas, eager to waste none of the trivialities available, throws Stucker at the Drab and follows Stucker himself, using his laser beam on a Drab and laying chaos to dozens upon dozens of Blues coming their way along with Stucker.

Soon, the duo is recaptured as Sthomas is chained up in less than 2 seconds and placed back in his cage. Upon seeing Stucker, Sthomas happily waves to him, making Stucker gladly wave back.

Slush Tile Rush

"This caped fighter deals low damage at first, but excels during long chains."

Sthomas is a starting character, along with Stick Michael.

  • His attack deals 4 damage at first, but his attack power increases by 2 every time he is in a chain.    
  • His special attack, "Energy Blam!", deals 15 damage to the enemy when 3 or 4 tiles are matched up at the same time.




  • Sthomas was formerly roommates with Stick Jorge.
  • Sthomas is currently roommates with Sthang
  • Sthomas has a Transformers' Decepticon Logo.
  • Sthomas, along with Stick Jorge and Gildedguy, are currently the only fighters to have capes.
  • Sthomas had his own preloader section in Bored Preloaders. He trick-or-treated at an odd house, only for a monsterous hand to grab his bag. Confused, he looks into the window, only for green flames to be spewed into his eyes.
  • Sthomas was used in most of the concept art that Gildedguy made.
  • It's safe to say that Sthomas is the only fighter with a signature pose.
  • Sthomas' real life counterpart is a bit of a troll, as shown when Gildedguy had a brief conversation with the members of this wiki, he comedically created two accounts of himself and had a funny argument with himself and the Users.
  • Despite being seen throughout the first game, Sthomas has no visible stubbles on his face during Slush Invaders: Duel and seems to have completely lost it by the time Slush Tile Rush began, which directly takes place after Slush Invaders: Game.

Slush Invaders

  • During the montage between Stick Luke and Steric's scenes, Sthomas, along with Marcstick, was the only fighter to have not hit a Blue, because he was dancing with the Blue.
  • Sthomas is the only Slush Fighter that has done a Wilhelm Scream.

Slush Invaders: Game

  • Sthomas's 45 hit combo ability allows an easy way to complete levels requiring a certain combo chain.
  • Sthomas, as a Bluish Fighter, is named Blhomas.
  • Sthomas's locked image shows him still covered in swatches of blue paint.
  • Sthomas is unlocked on the same level as BriStick, Stomar, and Steric
  • Sthomas' signature move, the Energy Blam attack, maybe a reference to the Shinku Hadoken, a special attack move in the Street Fighters series, which is his real life counterpart's favorite game.
  • Sthomas might wear glasses, since you can see the glasses' markings on the side of his eyes. Sthang and Stickyle also have similar markings.
  • Sthomas is the only one with a letter in his icon.
    • For those who don't see it or know it, it's the letter "T". It is under his left hand and on the right (The hand that is pointing, that's his left hand).
  • Sthomas, Steric, and Stomar are the only Slush Fighters to appear in the world map.
  • Sthomas and Stick Jorge are best friends.
    • Ironically, In the game, Sthomas has the ability to help the player fill up the Ultra Bar faster, while Stick Jorge, when he reaches a specific power level, grants the player a one full Ultra Bar.
    • Both characters are also gamers and both wear capes.
    • Both were also roomies before Sthang.
    • Both have a Decepticon logo.
    • His ultra attack is the most popular within the fanbase.
  • His icon's pose is the same as his character pose in the team menu.
  • You'll receive about 6,000 - 8,000 points from his Ultra attack.

Slush Tile Rush:

  • Sthomas is one of the only four characters in the game to have two attack images, the others being Stucker, Sthang and Stedro.
  • Sthomas seems to have completely lost the stubbles on his chin by the start of the game.
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