StEric (Eric) is a light blue stick man with blue outline who's a member of the Slush Fighters. He wields a hunting rifle and prefers to get closer to his targets. Steric also has the tendency to quick-scope, or shoot without looking into the sniper rifle's scope. This is a reference to many FPS's, but especially the Call of Duty series. He also might be rivals with Stick JK since they are both snipers.

Role in Movie

In the movie, Steric is first introduced while using his scope. He and Staddison teamed up to take on a small group of Drabs. Steric later appears to gang up on Big Blue.
Steric's Info

Steric's Info

Role in Game

Steric Upgrades

Steric's Upgrades


Steric's first icon


Steric's second icon


Snipe 1440

Steric is one of the fighters captured by Big Blue's men. You can rescue him along with Stomar and Sthomas after defeating them as the Bluish Fighters.


  • Fires a single high power shot that goes through multiple enemies
    • Note: Bonus points are given when his shots go through more than one enemy


  • Squad Spec.
    • All Soldier-Type fighters on the team get a 10% power boost
    • Represented by an icon of 3 blue bullets 
      Screenshot from 2013-12-09 21:55:22

      Squad Spec. Icon

  • Quickscope
    • Input attack: Press Steric's icon again to precisely use his attack
  • Snipe 1440
    • No.1 clip of the week.
    • Level 1 Ultra
    • Steric fires four shots, three going in different directions, and the last going in the same direction as the last one
    • Requires one Slush Token to unlock.
      Screenshot from 2013-11-20 21-42-21

      Snipe 1440 in action

As a Bluish Fighter

  • Does not have any upgrades.
  • Will automatically target Standrew.
  • Performs Ultra after health of Bluish Fighters is low.
  • Ultra has low accuracy and does low damage.
  • ==Trivia==
Steric's Character Pose
Steric Locked


  • Steric's Youtube account can be found here.
  • Steric as a bluish fighter is named Bleric.
  • Steric, with Stedro, Stickyle, and Stick Michael has two different icons.
  • Steric plays Call of Duty and Halo.
  • Steric is unlocked in the same level as BriStick, Stomar, and Sthomas.
  • Steric's locked image shows him sitting with some of the leftover blue paint on him.
  • Steric and Stick JK (in game) are rivals. Probably because both of them are snipers.
  • Steric is actually more of a crack-shot quickscoper while JK is more of a careful marksman.
  • Steric is roommates with Joshtick.
  • It is very easy to activate Steric's ultra while trying to quick scope.
  • There is no way to activate his Ultra attck without using his Quick Scope or using the keyboard.
  • At the end of the movie, Steric and Marcstick gets hit by tomahawks, which could have been Stick Luke's.
  • He is one of the characters with a gun.
  • During his ultra attack, you can see the word "Unk" in the background, which maybe referring to his youtube account.
  • When trying to use Steric's regular attack and he is fully upgraded and is ready to use his ultra attack, wait until he is in the middle of doing his twisty turny thing he does all the time so that you can use his regular attack, and not use his ultra attack.
  • Steric, Stomar, and Sthomas are the only slush fighters to make an appearence on the world map.
  • Steric is the only one where his ultra attack is just 4 more extra shots.
  • Steric is actually a word having to do with chemistry.
  • After upgrading him, he can be considered a playable character, since you get to decide when for Steric to fire his shot.
  • Steric indirectly helped save everyone during the Moon Explosion, as if it wasn't for his Sniper, Stick Sean wouldn't have created a portal from the Moon to Earth, this can be noted that he did not do anything, but he indirectly saved everyone alongside Stick Sean.
  • Steric was the only gun character to do a horizontal spin in the movie
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