Stedro (Pedro)


Yellow with black outline

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Knee of Justice
Fire Fox



Level Unlocked

N/A (Starter Character)


Super Smash Bros. Melee



Stedro (Pedro) is a yellow Slush Fighter with a black outline. His ablities are based on many characters, Fox from Star Fox and Captain Falcon from F-Zero.

Slush Invaders

Just as Stedro was about to start a match of Super Smash Bros Melee, a Blue punched through the wall of his room, damaging Stedro's Gamecube and messing up the game. This angers him, prompting him, along with Stickyle and Stucker, to go outside the room to beat the fudge out of some Blues. Stedro blasts, reflects, and burns some Blues like Fox. He is, however, captured by some Drabs, leaving Ben Stickobi and Sticorey to save him, Stickyle, and Stucker. Stedro later appears at the end of the movie to gang up on Big Blue.

Slush Invaders: Game

Stedro was not captured by Big Blue's backup men, making him the one of the first usable fighters in the game.


  • Fast initial attack.
  • Low damage.


  • Power+
    • 20% attack power.
  • Recharge+
    • +15% recharge rate.
  • Blaster
    • Input attack: during Stedro's initial approach, clicking on his icon will cause him to fire laser blasts that go through multiple enemies and stun them
    • Unlocked after beating White Out's bonus objective:
      • Defeat 8 enemies.

Slush Invaders: Duel

Stedro makes a cameo appearance at the start of the movie, along with Stickyle, as he is charging at Big Blue at Drillfield.

Slush Tile Rush

Stedro can be unlocked any time of the game, along with another random of the other 13 unlockable fighters. He is most effective when you use him in chain attacks, but be careful when using his special: Extra Pressure. Extra Pressure spawns more tiles in a fashion where its easy to use the special over and over again. This is a blessing and a curse, as this can either result in a quick victory, or a quick Game Over. 

Extra Pressure deals 10 DMG. 

If you look quickly, you will see a gun on Extra Pressure(Fox)and at the end he is not peforming a kick, he is doing Knee Of Justice(Captain Falcon). 



  • He is roommates with Stickyle
  • Stedro was seen using Fire Fox in the movie, but not in the game
  • Most of Stedro's attacks are taken from Fox, but he has one attack (The Knee of Justice) from Captain Falcon
  • Stedro will soon graduate and leave Slusher in less than 5 years.
  • Stedro and Fox may be alike in some ways, but Stedro killed Blues with one shot in the movie like a regular gun, while Fox's gun does only 1 hit point of damage, which can be seen in Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl.

Slush Invaders

  • During the montage between Stick Luke and Steric's scenes, Stedro is seen using the Knee of Justice, a widely known move by Captain Falcon.
  • In the Credits, it was dubbed that his name was "Pedro not Edro".
  • The combo he does in the movie can obviously not be done with Fox in Super Smash Bros. Maximum.

Slush Invaders: Game

  • Stedro was seventh in the lineup when the Slush Fighters were ganging up against Big Blue. He avoided his trap.
  • He is roommates with Stickyle.
  • You can see in the movie that Stucker is with Stedro and Stickyle's room.
  • Stedro does not have a locked form since he wasn't captured by the Blues and is a starter character.
  • Stedro, along with Stickyle, Steric, and Stick Michael, have two different icons.
    • He is also seen using this move in his first icon.
  • Stedro's blaster actually kills some enemies in the movie, while his blaster does no damage, instead only stunning enemies in the game.
  • Stedro, along with Stick Dan, is the only fighters that attack both with melee and shooting weapons (technically, the reflector is actually a shield and it is used offensively).
  • Stedro appears in the Slush Invaders Duel, chasing Big Blue with Stickyle.
  • It does not show Stedro using a machine to summon the shield, so it would be safe to assume that he can make his own shield with out any help of any sort.
  • When Stedro has Blaster unlocked, he is technically playable, since you get to shoot out the lasers at the enemies.

Slush Tile Rush

  • In Slush Tile Rush, Stedro's eye color has notably turned a bit darker than his original appearance in both the first movie and first game.


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