StAndrew, AKA Stick Andrew, is the light blue leader of the Slush Fighters, the defenders and residents of Slusher Tower and Wing. Unlike the most of the Slush Fighters, he has no powers or special abilities, other than being the leader. 

Role in Movie

Standrew was the first (possibly second) Slush Fighter to have been introduced in the movie. After witnessing a Blue attack a resident (most likely Stickirby since the resident was pink), he told the Blue that they were not allowed to attack Slusher residents, only to get knocked out by that same Blue. After Stedro, Stickyle, and Stucker eliminate a few Blues, Big Blue commanded his Drabs to take Standrew, where he was held hostage by a team of Drabs,Limes and BigBoi. Eventually, Westick, Joshtick, and Stick JK killed the Drabs, Limes , BigBoi and freed Standrew, who proceeded to gather every Slush Fighter to gang up on Big Blue.

Role in Game

In the Slush Invaders Game, Standrew acts as the "cannon," sending Big Blue flying for the other fighters to attack him. He is also controllable in the boss battles, where he gets to fight. Movement is controlled by the arrow keys (or WASD) and he can attack using the space bar (or left mouse click). If players time their presses right, they can make Standrew do another attack, which is more powerful than the last. If players succesfully land a full combo on an enemy, they get bonus points. Players must watch out, however, as Standrew comes with a life bar considerably smaller than any of the bosses. If it reaches zero, the level ends and players are forced to try again. As such, players can choose between dealing damage with Standrew and letting the other Slush Fighters do the job. In other levels, Standrew is not there to kick Big Blue into the air. Big Blue will start on a mobile instead.

Attack Pattern

Movie Attack Pattern(s):

Standrew did not fight in the movie.

Game Attack Pattern(s)

Standrew's usual attack pattern is launching the annoying Big Blue into the air.
On Boss Levels, his attack pattern is a Jump Kick, Back Hand, Downward Driver and an Uppercut.

The 1 Minute Summary

StAndrew drops drops the sky to stop Big Blue from invading. After Big Blue denies that he was not going to invade, StAndrew gets shot by a Drab and is taken off screen. He is captured and with the unhappy rag fag face thing on his head, like in the movie. At the end, he and the rest of the Slush Fighters appear to gang up on him, and you can see a little cloud on the upper right hand corner and Stick James punching a Blue...a lot.

The Story

This section has spoilers, so be warned.

After most of the Slush Fighters get captured by Big Blue's backup Blues, Standrew proceeds to attack Big Blue, sending him into the sky, where Big Blue bids farewell. However, Standrew commands the remaining Slush Fighters to attack Big Blue. After going through Lane Stadium, Big Blue slows himself down to get inside Robo Hokie, leaving Standrew to try and weaken the robot, before calling the Slush Fighters to back him up. They eventually chase Big Blue to the Haunted Turf, where they fight the Ether Lord, who has eaten Big Blue and is in the way of the fighters. After defeating the Ether Lord, Big Blue feigns a peace pact with Standrew by offering a handshake to him, then punching Standrew and getting away in Mobile while a few Drabs distract the other fighters. They eventually get Big Blue at Galaxyrise, where Big Blue dumps blue paint on a captured Stomar, Steric, and Sthomas. When Standrew opens the cage they were locked in, they attack him as the Bluish Fighters. One battle with their evil allies later, Standrew takes a look at the paintcan they were painted with and sees that it was made in Luna. This is not long before all of the Slush Fighters thus far are captured inside a Pokeball. After escaping the tiny prison, they find themselves on the moon, where they see that all the Blues were also made the same way the Bluish Fighters were: innocent stickmen were captured and painted to become Blue minions. After chasing Big Blue through the surface of the moon, Standrew, at wits end, grabs Big Blue by the neck, ready to end it all, but not before Big Blue reveals his final trick: BigBoi Prime. After the cyborg-robot is taken down, Standrew and Big Blue make one last stand, with Standrew punching the paint out of Big Blue to reveal that he was also an innocent stickman. As soon as the Blue Base begins to explode, however, Standrew starts to go into a panic, with the former Big Blue stickman confused. Fortunately, with Stick Sean's thinking, they manage to evacuate everyone into Galaxyrise. Standrew and the former Big Blue stickman then shake hands, signaling the true end to the Slush Invaders.

Last stand

The Secret Ending

When Standrew attempts to scan his card into the lock, it denies access, to the confusion of the Slush Fighters. They break the door open and proceed to sleep within the wing. It's not long until everyone realizes that they've been kicked out, however, as they make a hasty getaway.

(Notice the similarity between this and the beginning of the movie?)

Spoilers ends here.


  • Standrew was not seen fighting in the movie. In the game however, he showed that he could fight.
  • Standrew was one of the only "controlable" characters you could play as, but mostly the main one.
  • Srandrew does not have an Icon or an attack like the other Slush Fighters, other than acting like the cannon for each non boss level/other level
  • The other Slush Fighters with him in the cutscenes are usually the first three fighters on your team, not including the first. (Example: If your first three fighters are MarcstickStickhanh, and Stedro , they will always appear in every cutscene unitl you change their positions.)              
  • StAndrew's eyes are silver.    
  • StAndrew does not use an ultra attack in the game, other than the cutscene where he preforms his "Falcon Punch."
  • StAndrew is the only one who doesn't make an appearence in the combo thing (Gildedguy doesn't count because he IS Stick Michael.)
  • StAndrew was seen only to preform one punch in the entire series.
  • StAndrew does not have a locked image.
  • Standrew does not have a player icon.
  • StAndrew is commonly mistaken for Saint Andrew.
  • StAndrew is shown to not have a mouth in his ultra attack picture.
  • StAndrew is a great martial artist master.
  • StAndrew could be considered powerless, but then that would apply to Stickhanh as well, since both fighters only preform one kick when they attack (not including boss levels)
  • Instead of Standrew appeating as the leader of the Slush Fighters in "Stickman Universe: Season 2", he is temporarily replaced by Stick James.
    • Stick James says that "Standrew has gone missing, and the RHG Fighters are the only ones to blame!" Meaning that he is missing or kidnapped by the RHG Fighters.
      • Alongside Crazy Jay, he is one of the leaders in Season 2 to be missing or kidnapped.
      • Standrew,with Stickhanh seems to have really powerful legs.
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