Slush Dungeon 9

The Snow Level

The Unnamed Snow Level was an upcoming level or stage in the cancelled Slush Invaders game Slush Dungeon that was made, created, designed and animated by Gildedguy and co-producer and tester Luke.

The actual name of the Snow Level is still unknown, for now Gildedguy and this wiki's users named it (mostly Gildedguy) Snow Level as a working level/stage name for it.


Due to Slush Dungeon being cancelled, the gameplay mechanics of this level was never fully explained or give any minor hints (excluding the teaser image given) as to how the level was meant to be played on nor its environments.

However, as far as most of the community can tell, it seems that items would be present in this level in the form of treasure chests that the player could open (either upon contact or a key was needed) and get helpful items from. It also presents a snowy environment and presumably a blizzard environment hazard would be present.

Most of the level's mechanics, as well as others, are unforunately now up to debate and speculations.


  • The name of the Snow Level is still unknown because the game had been cancelled before the level was released.
  • Sthomas is the only Slush Fighter seen in some concepts of the level/stage.
    • Along with him there is a chest/treasure box seen in the concept too.
  • It seems to be based off a snowy night or Tundra, White Out and/or Slushy Ice Frosting or its just based off another part of a place in the world.
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