Slush Tile Rush is a combat-focused match-3 game that emphasizes light-strategy and quick reflexes. The game focuses around 15 of the 29 fighters, where they are adventuring back home after the huge fight with Big Blue and his Invaders from their previous adventure.



Sthomas and Steric taking out a group of Blues in Galaxyrise.

In-Game Introduction: "It's been a long 6 months for our heroes... but now that they've finally repelled the evil Slush Invaders... all these guys have to do is... get back Home!"

After 6 months battling the Blue Baddies, the Slush Fighters have finally repelled their base of operation in Luna and they can now rest after a half of a year adventure. The fighters, the prisoners they rescued, the newly redeemed Stanthony and some of the Blue Troops that have turned to the good side rejoice their success over 

Screenshot from 2015-01-24 21:16:25

Sthang, Stick Waqas, Sthomas, Stomar, Stedro, Stickyle and Steric rejoicing their hard earned victory, but...

the battle, all of them go their separate ways (not counting Stanthony as he joins the group) and with that the Slush Fighters decide to go back home, BUT after getting side tracked with their battle for good and evil, they have to make the long trek to Slusher. With most of their comrades tired, weakened and unable to fight, 15 of the remaining active fighters decide to

... only to find their new problem.

lead the way, but they have to surpass Solarise and the rest of the still active Blues, Cobalts, Azures, Drabs and some new group called the Blue Fanatics. After dealing them and reach a tower, the fighters are confronted by an angry Blue they beat up earlier, a new type of Blue named Wicker Blue and the leader of the Blue Fanatics, Overly Zealous Blue. Soon defeating these trio, they head on over to Slushy Ice Frosting, taking a shortcut towards a Giant Snowman, but not without having a but of fun first. As they travel towards the Snowman they have no idea that the remaining Invaders are still on them.
Screenshot from 2015-01-24 21:17:27

The Slush Fighters overlooking their new objective: Get back Home!

Reaching the top of the Snowman, they have to surpass the brain of the Snowman itself called "Moochin' Snowball", a Slush Token obsessed Snowball who resides on top of the Gigantic Snowman's head. During the fight, the group accidentally awakens a Disturbed Star Sign who teams up with Moochin' Snowball, but the two are then defeated and the group continue their journey. As they leave the Snowy plains, Ben, Sthomas and Michael stumble upon what seems to be brain-like orbs on the ground, Sthomas and Ben begin to mess around with one of them which causes Stick Michael to get scared and worried, nonetheless, the group decides to take a shortcut, yet again, through Twilight Tundra. They encounter a bunch of Blues, Cobalts, Drabs, a new type of monsters called Paint Slimes and Brain Mimes. They a monument and decide to climb it in which they are confronted by Yoyo and Nhazul who are being brainwashed by a Blue who got too soaked in Blue Paint, calling himself Moon-Bleached Blunatic. After a long fight, they manage to defeat Blunatic and free the two RHG Fighters who guides them through Twilight Tundra and onto Rose-Tinted Woods. From there, Nhazul and Yoyo part ways from the fighters.

As they are travelling in the woods, they spot a ladder leading up to the sky, a bit far fetched, the group immediately run towards it, but once again they are ambushed by Blues, Cobalts, Drabs, Paint Slimes and some angry Moss Giants. They all manage to reach the ladder and climb it. As they climb, Stickyle suddenly stops, as he now fears heights, Marcstick tells him to keep moving, Stick Waqas then spots Slusher from the ladder, indicating that they are almost home. At the top, the fighters are attacked by a Blue who turned into a Fairy. They defeat this strange type of Blue and continue on, on their way, they are halted by the King of the Clouds who will not let them pass until they defeat him. Ultimately doing so, they are then confronted by the Unbeatable and Top RHG Fighter, FLLFFL, who, after witnessing the King getting beaten, attacks them, thinking of them as violators and trespassers. Soon after, they manage to talk to the champion and the problem they are in, FL then apologizes about his sudden 'burst of action', admitting that he had retired from killing years ago. He guides to the Land of the Rising Lime where he bids them farewell.

Not long from their home, the fighters still need to get pass a bunch of angry Limes and some Adobes. On the way, StiCorey comically burns his eyes out after staring at the sun for too long and asks for some Eyedrops in which Stick Waqas gives him, the rest are blinded by it except Stick Luke who jokingly taunts them about his new sunglasses. Reaching a Red Mountain, they are ambushed by a tougher Lime named Armoured Lime who taunts them about their journey, but this proves futile as she is then defeated, but they are then comically challenged by Chuck, another RHG fighter, who wants to battle them as he is bored. Proving to be quite the adversaries, Chuck gives up and directs them towards a shortcut that will lead to Slusher. Although the catch is that they will be forcibly be suck into their phones to make it back. They agree and now the group must fight a bunch of Viruses and Corrupted Apps in their own Phones.

Strbigbg comp by gildedguy-d8f0em6

The Slush Fighters, exhausted from their journey.

They find a Wi-Fi beacon and head for it, they begin to upload themselves onto reality, not before they are

The group rejoicing their newfound achievement, but...

attacked by a Digital BigBlue and a computer Virus named Malware. Narrowly escaping, the group are transported in Drillfield, where Slusher is just up ahead. With one last mile to their wonderful home, the fighters are then ambushed by the last remaining Invaders, this time a more tougher set consisting of Azures,

... they forgot their Smart Phones.

Armored Blues, Cobalts and Jet Drabs, who make a last stand against them. Though now weak, they all manage to defeat every last of them. Just as they are about to enter Slusher, they are then attacked by Blue Uno in his Ultimate Form, along his pet, the Skunk.

The 15 Slush Fighters head back to Solarise to get their phones, unfortunately restarting their adventure.

Though now tired and weak from their non stop journey back home, the Slush Fighters then make a climactic battle against Blue Uno and the Skunk. With all of them once again ganging up on Blue Uno. After defeating the Ultimate Blue Soldier, the Slush Fighters then entered Slusher, only to find out that they left their Smart Phones behind.

The group FINALLY celebrating their TRUE victory!

In a fit of frustration, the 15 active Slush Fighters then rushed towards back to Solarise, and once again, have to fight their way back to Slusher against some new enemies and a few more Blues, Drabs, Cobalts and Azures.

Managing to survive their endeavour, the group are then confronted by the menacing and deadliest threat to them ever, the Skunk. Even though they were all but tired and pretty unable to fight due to extreme exhaustion, the group managed to ward off the Skunk, and at last...


The Slush Fighters playing games during the epilogue.

In-Game Ending:
"With the last of the remaining forces of the Blue Army finally vanquished, these guys can finally take a well deserved rest. But instead they play games during their last night of camraderie."


The game style is basically matching tiles to attack the enemy. You have two sides where the tiles are randomly slotted in. You have to take a matching tile from each side to make an attack. Get 3 in a row (from left to right) to get a special attack. Get 4 in a row (from up and down) to get a bit stronger special attack. When each side is full, either by your tiles or from the enemy, the game is over and you have to retry the level all over again.


The order of the characters you unlock them in are random. In the tutorial, you start off with Stick Michael and Sthomas. When you get a character slot, it is completely random. Because of this, you might encounter a character that you already unlocked. After you beat the game 3 times, you start off with two random fighters. (Please note that Gildedguy is just a temporary transformation of Stick Michael's, thus not an unlockable character)

Slush Fighters:



Slushy Ice Frosting:

Twilight Tundra:

  • Blue

Rose-Tinted Woods:

Land of the Rising Lime:

  • Lime
  • Adobe
  • Paint Slime (Green and Red Variant)
  • Armoured Lime (appears as a regular enemy after you beat the game once, but still a boss)
  • Chuck

Hazy Home Screen:



BOLD indicates that this is a Boss Character

An Italic represents enemies after you beat the game once

Development History

During the games development, many teaser photos were released to the Slush Invaders Fans via Facebook from the creator of the series, Glidedguy. Here is a list of Development History before the game was released:

April 13, 2014 - The Game is announced by Glidedguy himself, it was also announced to be a Mobile Game. The First for the series. It was announce along with Sthomas, Sthang and Stick Michael as the first 3 fighters to be confirmed.

May 25, 2014 - New Character Designs for Sthomas and Stick Michael (Glidedguy) were released by Glidedguy as teaser photos for the game.

May 28, 2014 - New Character Designs for Stomar and Stedro were released. With this update, Stomar and Stedro have been confirmed to be one of the characters in the game.

July 2, 2014 - A Cover Art for either Slush Tile Rush or Slush Dungeon was released, within the picture were Stedro, Stick James and Sthang and at the background what seems to be Sthomas and 2 other unknown fighters.

July 4, 2014 - New Character Designs for both Stick Luke and Stick James were released. With this update, Stick Luke and Stick James have been confrimed to be one of the characters in the game.

August 1, 2014 - Wicker Blue confirmed.

August 5, 2014 - New Character Designs for both Stucker and Stickyle were released. With this update, Stucker and Stickyle have been confirmed to be one of the characters in the game.

August 15, 2014 - Gildedguy updated a video of the game's drawing time lapse. Sticorey, Marcstick, Ben Stickobi, Stick Waqas, Steric (He now has a baseball cap), and Stick Sean are now confirmed to be in the game, but they do not have a tile/block yet. Also, it is seen that every character has 4 tiles, instead of 3. Like here

August 26, 2014 - Ben Stickobi's picture of him using his ultra attack is shown.

August 27 -  September 10, 2014: In between that time frame, new enemies, like the armored lime, were drawn.

September 18, 2014: The official trailer for Slush Tile Rush was released.

October 25, 2014: Confirmed by Gildedguy, the game is aimed to be released by next week. Hopefully

October 31, 2014: Glidedguy makes a surprisingly awesome announcement, saying that Slush Tile Rush has now been released. Along that, the game can also be played at


  • This is the 3rd game overall within the series
  • This will be the first game in the series to be a Mobile Game.
  • This is the first game in the series to be a Match-Up Tile Game Genre.
  • Some of the Slush Fighters got their new character design in this game.
  • There is a chance that you will get a choice of picking the same tile twice, for example, after beating a boss, you might see two of the same tiles. It is not known if it is a glitch or it just happens.
  • After you beat the game twice, you restart 2 fighters, but will encounter enemies that appear after you beat the game once.
  • This is the first game that shows "Steric" having a cap.
  • The Upset or Down-low faces are shown when a Slush Fighter is discarded from the current team and is put back into Character Select/Team Assembling Menu. The confused/worried faces are shown whenever a Slush Fighter's tile is Locked up by an Enemy. The happy/excited faces are showing when they attack, get picked for the team, or when their tile gets clicked on.
  • Yoyo, Chuck, Nhazul, and FLLFLL are present in the game as Guest Bosses and enemies
  • Whenever a player clicks on a Slush Fighter's info, it shows a new kind of info on them unlike the one from the previous game.
    • The order that the fighters are presented in the info box are not in a particular order, but you can see that some of the fighters are next to their roommates.
  • New types of Blues are introduced in the game: The Armored Blue (Normal) and Blue Fairy (Boss).
  • The Limes make a return and their first official appearance in the series since the Original.
    • There is also a new type of Lime called the "Armored Lime".
  • It appears that the Limes are Female than Male as players originally thought.
  • It also appears that all of the Azures are Female.
  • Each fighter has more than one animated attack.
    • Stick Sean also has a second animated attack, but for unknown reasons, it does not appear. Only his low kick animated attack appears and not the portal attack.
  • Activating the Slush Fighters' special abilities is very hard on the computer version, if not, merely impossible, depending what you are using as a mouse.
  • It is unknown if it will ever be released on Stickpage, like its predecessors.
  • The game has had over a thousand downloads on Google Play, so far.
  • Most of the songs in the game were composed by DuttonSaysHi, like the theme song, called Running Free
  • There is an extremely very rare glitch that occurs in the game where, the maximum number of fighters that the player can use in the game can increase to 5 or 6.
    • This glitch can be used for the player's advantage if they are very much are at a very frustrating part of the game (most notably, Slusher). Though the "side effect" of this glitch is that, the player is forced to quickly use every available Slush Fighter tiles on their board, as well as to prevent enemy tiles being released on them to avoid a sudden game over. This will hinder any chains being done by the player.
  • Excluding Slusher, Slushy Ice Frosting is the only level from the first game to make another appearance as a level in Slush Tile Rush.
  • Though being a new installment in the entire series, Slush Tile Rush is not as popular as its predecessor, Slush Invaders: Gamepossibly due the sudden decrease of fans throughout the last couple of years,
    • Gildedguy himself has even proclaimed that his most popular game ever made is the first game rather than the second game.
  • Though technically being the third game in the series to be made, it has been chronologically made as the second game, as Slush Dungeon had been cancelled a few months after Slush Tile Rush's release as well as the fact that this game takes place right after the events of Slush Invaders: Game. Evidenced during the intro cutscene when the player begins the game.
    • It appears that the Slush Fighters getting kicked out of Slusher by the new female denizens during secret epillogue of the first game has been retconned, this is proven during the epilogue when the player first beats the game and again when they beat it a second time, as the Slush Fighters can be seen hanging out within Slusher without getting forcibly kicked out, unlike what happened in the first game.
    • On the 4th page of the intro, look closely and you will see the "Ice Frosted Forest" tower, the "Twilight Tundra" tower, and "The Rise of the of the Armored Lime" tower.


This section is about the Videos taken from the game Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Tile Rush Game Trailer-3

Slush Tile Rush Game Trailer-3

Slush Invaders 4: Tile Rush!

Pumpin' Assets! - Art Timelapse-1

Pumpin' Assets! - Art Timelapse-1

The Game as it was so far during its early build.


This section is about the Photos taken from the game Slush Tile Rush.

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