This is where you can find all of the glitches in Slush tile rush. Note some are harmless wheras some are a way to 'cheat' in the game.(NG=New game, NG+=Hard mode, T= tutorial) More will be added as soon as they are found.

Harmless glitching

These type of glitches will not affect gaming, therefore you can use these type of glitches for fun.

1-Blue Uno's Glitch: If you use any special attack on Blue Uno (tutorial), he will quote, "Ow!My health!" before the animation is even finished.

Great glitches('cheating')

These type of glitches are a way to 'cheat' and are very useful in hard situations, or just for kicks.

1-Falcon's crest annihilation:To perform this, you must use Stomar's Falcon Crest twice in 2 seconds. After the 2nd activation, a random number of tiles (from 3-7) will be removed as if they were activated all together.This is very useful when going against bosses like the skunk.

2-Messed up tutorial: You must start the game in a specific sequence (can be updated later) :NG,T,NG,.After this, instead of showing Sthomas and Stick Michael as your team, it will show 2 non-starter characters, for the tutorial.Then, the tutorial will act as if you had 4 fighters on your team.Works best with Stickorey and Stick Sean since Stickorey can beat Blue Two in two hits.

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