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Slush Tile Rush is a combat-focused match-3 game that emphasizes light-strategy and quick reflexes. It is now available in Google Play Store and can be played in Read more >

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    Summary: This is our Imperial Code.
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    Comment: It shows on the wiki he has no powers or abilities. Say what now?
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    Comment: Stomar + Sthang, sync their ultras and this will be a big boost no joke
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    Comment: I'm from China.ūüėČThis game is famous there.But it's seem that many people only know a little about you.Because must of them didn't know English and...
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This wiki is about the Slush Invaders series. Here you can find game tips, character info, and story trivia. If you know anything about the series, why not help the wiki? This wiki is about the Slush Invaders in any way. Here you will find Glidedguy himself helping the wiki. If you want to join in with the creator himself, just join in with the fun of helping the wiki.

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