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This sample page is made for the users who want to create random things about the non-canon characters/places from Slush Invaders

Getting Started

What's difference between Canon and Non-canon?

Canon - is fictional. From the word itself, fiction defines imagination. Imagination has no limits so you can create your own story, characters and places. But keep in mind that if your using a non-fictional character from a show or game, put a credit on your articles that you're using an original character. 

Example of Canon:


Dragostick is a resident in Slusher & Wing who has appearance of mythical creatures called dragons


Dragostick have brown eyes and multiple dark yellow horns sprouting on his head and the biggest one is found on the center of his head and has no outline. He have also a dark red outline and his inner line is very dark red He didn't where anything on his upper body except for brown pants and light brown shoes.


  • The only attack is charge but it can sent a one shot to take a Cobalt down
  • Makes a fireball to throw to enemy in sight (Auto)

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Canon could be interesting if your characters are well made-up personalities, physical appearances, powers and abilities, and, most of all weakness. All characters should have weakness (or flaws) because this is where they become strong and brave.

You can also create stories about the journey of your character and Slush characters how they met and how they fight enemies of Slush Fighter or your made-up enemies.

Non-Canon - is not  fiction. Unlike the example above, the character have realistic facts and well-known than made-up characters of the users. Slush Fighters and Blues were the original characters created by Gildedguy.

You can use the Fighters and Blues to you story free but keep in mind that you can be ban from the wiki if you put false information on one of the original characters. It depends how many sentences you put on a specific page.


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