The Slush Invaders series is an animated stick figure series and game series created by Michael Moy (a.k.a Glidedguy).

The series started back in May 10, 2011 as a tribute for Glidedguy's hallmates within Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. When the series got well-known enough, Glidedguy created a sequel for his animation in the form of an innovative launcher-based game which would see the characters in the series facing off once again against their intruders throughout nearly half of the world. The game was released in April 10, 2012, nearly a year after the original animation.

A tie-in animation within the game was then created to tell how two of the Slush Fighters were faring during their imprisonment by the Invaders and how they took out nearly all of the present enemies from where they were brought. The second animation was released back in November 16, 2013, but due to a WMG copyright, the music used in the animation was removed but was re-released with the song again back in January 8, 2014.

A sequel for the first game then came out, telling the events of what happened after the Slush Fighters defeated the forces of the Invaders and how they managed to get back to their home in Slusher. This game could be considered as a tie-in as well towards the first game's secret epilogue. The game was released on Google Play Store as well as on Newgrounds back in October 31, 2014.








  • Nearly every installment of the series is released once a year, due to Glidedguy being the only one creating them, excluding Stick Luke's real life counterpart.
    • However, Slush Dungeon was worked on but did not make it to the final cut in 2015. It is unknown if Gildedguy will continue the series or not.
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