This page is about the animated flash movie. For the antagonists of the same name, see Slush Invaders (group), or for the game, see Slush Invaders Game.

Slush Invaders is a stick fight animation by Gildedguy released in May 2011. It marked the beginning of the Slush Defenders fight against the invading group of blue stick men. Its sequel, Slush Invaders Game came out a year later and continues the plot of the original animation.


The movie opens up with a calm, undisturbed scene of the mountains, standing tall in proud in their magnificent majesty, and a pine tree calmly swaying to the gently caressing breeze. Suddenly, this calm is shattered by Big Blue, who sends his army of Blues and the gargantuan BigBoi into the vestibule Slusher Tower and Wing, where the boss attempts to open the door with a card. Unfortunately, the card isn't accepted by the scanning machine, Big Blue ask BigBoi to break the door. The invaders gleefully swoop in, vandalizing private property and attacking Stickirby, until they are all stopped by Standrew, who demands they stop destroying things and provide him CR. Big Blue, annoyed by this demand, simply knocks him over and continues the invasion. During the battle, a Blue attempts to punch Marcstick but he dodges, causing his fist to go straight through the wall and break Stedro's Gamecube, which causes him to rage and break his controller and finally realize that the wing is being invaded.

His roommates Stickyle and Stucker also see the scene outside, prompting them to go into action. With absolute ease, they rapidly dispose of the Blues using a variety of special attacks and techniques, much to Big Blue's chagrin, then, Big Blue call on the Drabs, who take the newly incapacitated fighters and Standrew into custody. Later in the day, Stick James (who just happened to take a peek around the corner during his coffee break) sees a chilling sight: an army of Drabs and Blues have infiltrated Slusher. Stealthily, he makes his way to the alarm, which he reaches with only a minor setback. He then attacks a few Drabs, grabs an SMG, and goes beserk.

Amidst the chaos, Marcstick and Stomar hop in, and gleefully begin using their swords and acrobatics to send the invaders on a one-way trip to the afterlife. Outside, Stagar and Stickhanh are milling around, the former watching the latter show off his amazing football (soccer for the Americans) skills. Abruptly, two Blues attempt to wrestle the ball away, though this angers the two, resulting in the offenders getting pummeled by a ball. While uncontrolled mayhem was still raging throughout Slusher, the original trio were still in captivity and closely watched by a team of Drabs. However, Drabs weren't the only people watching them: Ben Stickobi and Sticorey are spying on the odd scene, biding their time for something interesting. Bemused, a random Drab tromps over to the bushes, curious to see why they were quivering and making whispering noises. At the touch of the Drab's rifle, the duo make their dynamic entrance as the Drabs try to exterminate them. However, thanks to Sticorey's psychic shielding, the bullets barely touched Ben, who wields his lightsaber with absolute grace and skill as he hacked dozens of Drabs to pieces. Although Sticorey was having just as much fun as Ben, his luck would abruptly run out after being forced back by a shotgun blast, surrendering him to the Drab's mercy. Fortunately, he is spared, for Ben had rescued Stedro, Stucker, and Stickyle, who eliminate the Drab and proceed to continue their battle. Elsewhere, portals have opened up, courtesy of Stick Sean, who's using them to beat up Blues.

Nearby, the all-aspiring and completely then, Sthomas bursts out of his door, cape fluttering in the breeze, his epic smile charming the audience to no end. Ending the trivialities, he directs an epic fireball combo at a random Drab, who was standing still, absolutely dumbstruck by the epicness of Sthomas. With the Drab out of the way, Sthomas (aided by Stick Brian and Stick Matt) performs an epic fifteen hit combo on an unsuspecting Blue, finally ripping him to pieces. Unfortunately for our beloved Sthomas, a bunch of Blues and Drabs decided to crowd around him, leaving Sthomas no choice but decide to run away. Meanwhile, Sthang was sleeping until his name fell on his head then, he see these Blues and Drabs, and decided to take down one of them, only to find himself in firing range. The Drabs execute Sthang via firing squad, expecting that mixing Slush Defender and bullets would make corpse, only to turn him into ashes.

As three Blues were looking into the ashes, completely confused, Sthang regenerated and incinerated some of them before getting shot and dying again. Sthang resurrects once more and proceeds to torch a large group of Blues and Drabs, striking a pose once finished. He forgot about the other side, and gets shot again. Elsewhere, Stick Luke had started making his way towards Slusher, killing off some Blues and Drabs with his endless supply of tomahawks. After a while, he takes out his pistols and fires before exiting the building and cutting a Blue. The animation then cuts to a montage of all the fighters so far (except for Standrew, Sthomas, and Marcstick) beating up a Blue (Standrew wasn't in the montage, Sthomas was dancing with a Blue and Marcstick didn't beat up a Blue but the Blue beat him up). The movie then cuts to Steric, who is sniping off Drabs at a close distance. Soon, Staddison arrives to help Steric. After Staddison makes three kills, he calls Stick Waqas to launch 3 killstreak rockets at the Blues. He takes a look into the blueprints, and is given the ready signal by Stickwart, Stick Dan, and BriStick.

The three fly on the rockets on the way to Slusher and kill off some Blues. After that, Westick, Joshtick, and Stick JK team up to save Standrew. Joshstick throw a false bomb into the room Standrew's in and proceed to bust down the door. Stick JK snipes off the Limes in the room while Joshtick throw false bomb on a Drab's face to eliminate the other drabs. BigBoi, however, kicks him off, leaving Westick and Stick JK to kill BigBoi. Big Blue then activates the bomb in the room to kill them all. Fortunately, Westick, Joshtick, and Stick JK manage to escape with Standrew and their lives leaving BigBoi dead because of the explosion.

Big Blue sees that all his forces have been killed or defeated. Deciding that he should invade West AJ next, Big Blue exits the MARV, only to see that the Slush Fighters have ganged up on him. The animation then cuts to the credits, showing who all the fighters were (this is also the only scene that includes Stick Michael in it). 

The stinger then plays, with Stedro, Marcstick, Stucker, Waqas, Sean, and Steric in a white background. Stedro questions what this is supposed to be, with Marcstick replying that this is going to be a video where he owns them all. Stucker says that it won't happen, since Marc is clearly running away from everyone else, while Waqas questions why he's black, only to realize that he's a "Waka Flocka." Steric also comes in to say that Marc isn't owning anyone. Marc says to just wait and see, with Eric sarcastically saying that he's so scared.

Stick Luke's tomahawks then come flying in, one knocking down Marc to Eric's amusement, and another tomahawks hitting Eric, to his agony. Stick Sean then exclaims that he's the man.


Slush Invaders

Slush Invaders

Slush Invaders


  • Gildedguy stated it was made as "A tribute to my fellow hall mates and friends at VT. "
  • It took about 4 months to finish and has 7797 frames.
  • The movie can be watched on YouTube here.
  • Stick Michael, Stick Jorge and Stickirby never appeared in the movie.
    • However, Stick Michael does appear during the end of the credits, whereas Stick Jorge merely makes a cameo at the beginning of Sthomas' introduction (his name written on a Decepticon note sticker outside his and Sthomas' room). Stickirby, however, is left ambiguous.
  • Big Blue was the first villian to be introduced.
  • If you watch it on Stickpage or New Grounds, it introduces Ben Stickobi and Stick Sean, making the "STICKPAGE" logo appear.
    • This is completely absent in the movie's YouTube version.
  • The songs used in the movie are:
    • "The Mountain King's Fat Hall". Interestingly, the movie uses the original mix as the current one available in Newgrounds is the remixed version.
    • "Winner" by Swingfly.
    • "Rooftops" from Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • Originally, Stickyle acted as the thumbnail of the video on YouTube, until some later once the series gained some popularity, the thumbnail changed to the montage picture of Ben Stickobi hitting a Blue.
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