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This page is about the interactive flash game. For the antagonists of the same name, see Slush Invaders (group), or for the movie, see Slush Invaders (movie) .

Slush Invaders: Game (originally called "Slush Invaders 2") is a Flash game developed by Gildedguy. It was released in 6 July 2012.

It continues the story of the first animation, Slush Invaders. In this sequel, the invaders have captured a majority of the Slush Fighters. The game then follows the remaining members' quest to save their comrades and defeat Big Blue.

You can play it here in StickPage.


In the beginning a cutscene will play showing how all the Slushers are captured, as soon as the cutscene ends you will begin the game.

The Game is a launcher-style based game in which the player must keep the Slush Invaders Blue Boss, Big Blue in the air for as long as he/she can until they can reach the end of the level. To launch Big Blue, simply press the "Space Bar" or "Mouse (LMB)" to start the initial lead kick, the starting kick will be from the Slush Fighters' leader, Standrew.

After the launch send out your colorful and powerful Slush Fighters to beat up Big Blue and keep him in the air, reach the end of the level with Big Blue still flying from your attacks. If he slows down and you fail to keep him flying he will run away and escape, resulting in a "Game Over!". As you progress through each level you will be able to find, rescue and unlock more and more captured members of the Slush Fighters, each with their unique ablities and powers (See the characters and their powers go here).

Their are various levels throughout the game, and they are in the following:

SlusherDrillfieldDrillfield NightLane StadiumMornin'LakeAutumnusHaunted TurfTundraWhite OutSlushy Ice FrostingGalaxyriseBitlandData WallMoon PrisonBlue Base and Luna.

Their are also Bosses in each Stage, such as The VT Mecha Invaders Mascot Robo Hokie, The Pumpkin King Ether Lord, The Evil Slush Fighters counterparts; The Bluish Fighters and The Final towering BigBoi Prime. The game may look easy and quick to finish but after the 1st level, new enemies will come to attack you, the minions of Big Blue; The Blues, They will fend off Slush Fighters by intercepting them physically, once a whole mob of them appear they will easily defend their Boss from your fighters, resulting in an immediate Game Over!

Like how you unlock the Slush Fighters, you will also encounter more and more treacherous enemies along the way such as; Drabs (first encountered in Mornin'), Toasters (first encountered in Lake), Zomblues (first encountered in Haunted Turf), Mobiles (first endountered in Tundra), Azures (first encountered in Galaxyrise), Blue Bit (first and only encountered in Bitland) and Cobalts (first/unbeknowingly and unofficialy encountered in Data Wall and first officially encountered in Moon Prison).

The controls of selecting a target is by clicking them directly or using the "Left Arrow" and "Right Arrow" keys, to automatically target Big Blue again, press the "Down" or "Up Arrown" keys. As well as unlocking each of the Slush Fighters 'Ultra' potential; The Ultra Attacks and The Ultra Bar. These attacks do way more damage than any of the Slush Fighters does, some of the Ultras does Damage, Heal and/or Protect you allies, one even adds up the Combo Meter. Ultra Attacks are unlocked by earning Slush Tokens by either defeating bosses or bonus objectives; Earning them gives the player a chance to unlock each fighters Ultra Attack.

If you manage to finish the game; NG+ Mode will be unlocked and NG++ Mode will be available after NG+ Mode is completed.

Good Luck!


Intro: The Ambush and Capture of the Slush Fighters

This game takes place directly where the movie left off: Big Blue cowering in front of his MARV truck and the entire population of Slusher Tower and Wing were ready to give his face a serious - and extremely painful - makeover. Running out of reasonable options, Big Blue desperately looks around his shoulders and sees a welcome sight: right behind the bushes. A few Blues who are armed with various traps have survived the retaliation are waiting for Big Blue's instructions. No longer afraid, Big Blue's terrified expression becomes replaced by a smirk, confusing the Defenders. Abruptly, the cause for the sudden transformation becomes apparent, as all the fighters (Except Stedro, Marcstick, Stickhanh, WestickStickyle, Stick Matt and Standrew) are ensnared by various traps of the surviving Blues. Infuriated, Standrew, delivers a massive kick to Big Blue, who, despite the fact that he was initially going to run, views this as no more than a minor setback, cackling into the distance as he relished the thought of having finally succeeding in defeating the mighty Slushers. However, Standrew had other ideas. He sends the remaining fighters into the air, intent on giving Big Blue one big boo boo.

Part One: Slusher Residence

The first "stage" of the game begins with the initial launching of Big Blue, followed by the Slushers having to chase him throughout the West Virginia Tech area, until Big Blue finally slows down at the Lane. Standrew attempts to grab him, only for Big Blue to hop into the bowels of the Earth, summoning Robo Hokie from its eternal slumber. Using this instrument of destruction, he attempts to smash the fighters into a grease puddle, only for his attacking avatar to suffer major damage from the fighters, causing it to malfunction, explode, and eject its operator, who promptly flees like the coward he is.

Part Two: Autumn is in the air

Big Blue has reached the outside of the Slusher's home and pauses to take a breather, only to find Standrew next to him and continues to flee. By now, Autumn has swept across the land with it's colorful paintbrush, transforming all the leaves into vibrant firework displays. Unfortunately, Big Blue didn't plan on staying in these areas to admire the scenery: he instead attempted to flee to the Haunted Turf, a strange land filled with evil spirits and undead beings, none of which are happy to see him or the defenders. Suddenly, after Big Blue slows down again, blue flames erupt from the ground, revealing the ominous, radioactive pumpkin lord of the dead: Ether Lord. Not understanding the situation, Big Blue tries to punch it, only to get a free, one-way ticket into the Ether Lord's stomach. Only having sated a small corner of its hunger, it turns its sights to the Slushers, forcing them to eliminate it, both to get revenge on Big Blue and to save their own skins.

Part Three: Winter and Mages

The Ether Lord was pummelled into pumpkin pie, and the fighters were ready to take vengeance on the worn-out Blue leader. Suddenly, Big Blue surrenders, holding his hand out to Standrew in a sign of peace. Glad the abomination had chosen to see reason, Standrew obliged. Seizing the moment, Big Blue flips the light-blue leader and hops away on a Mobile, leaving the seething fighters to race after him. Outside, Old Man Winter had embraced the land, coating it in a layer of white, which proved to be an asset to Big Blue and an obstacle to the Fighters. However, they braved through the snow, ice, white outs, candy villages, suicidical gingerbreadmen, and an area with a scenic view of space until they reach a cage, which contained none other than Stomar, Steric, and Sthomas, who have been stuck in there for months and are quite eager to catch a glimpse of their old friends again. However, Big Blue could care less for the needs of his miserable prisoners. Instead, he grabbed a bucket of Blue Paint, which he doused the unwilling captives in and ran off. Confused by Big Blue's departure but eager to free some more of their friends, Standrew opens the cage, only to receive a free knuckle sandwich, courtesy of the newly spawned Bluish Fighters, who are little more than evil versions of some of the mightiest members of Slusher. The team is forced to fight them, and when it's over, the foul paint is ripped from their systems, reverting back to their original - though somewhat confused - selves.

Part Four: Digitalized

Having freed the epic trio, Standrew takes a gander at the paint bucket, noting that it came straight from the Blue's Moon Base. Before the fighters could dicuss the situation, Big Blue pops in with the bane of all wild Pokemon (in other words, the Pokeball) and captures them within its confines. The defenders are then forced to battle their way through a strange landscape of data and coding until finally, the ball can handle them no longer and is forced to eject them into and even harsher and unforgiving environment.

Part Five: Blue Invaders Moon Base (all rights reserved)

Freed from the confines of the Pokeball, the squad take in their bleak surroundings: first, they peer out the window and see a beautiful landscape of the Earth floating in outer space. Then, they rip their faces from the glorious sight and see something that made many want to toss their cookies (and possibly chocolate cake): they are in a prison filled with wailing, miserable stickmen who are slowly wasting away until they are forced into a Blue Paint processing unit, where their volition will be ripped from their hearts and replaced by cold servitude to the Blues. The pity of the Slushers is rapidly broken by a squadron of Drabs and Cobalts, who have been alerted of the infiltration and are armed to take out the Slushers. However, despite their numbers, the defenders prevail, allowing them to relocate Big Blue and hunt him down to the ends of the moon. Finally, Standrew manages to grab him by the scruff of his neck, ready to end it once and for all. However, the blue fiend had other plans. With a simple gesture, he summons his final and most powerful defense: BigBoi Prime. Despite the resurrected cyborg's size and power, it proves to be no match for the fighters, who send him back to the abyss from which he came.


Standrew and Big Blue face each other, ready to end it all and determine who indeed shall survive and prove to be the survivor. Standrew, not wanting to fail at this critical point, wastes no trivialities. He delivers the all-mighty FALCON PUNCH to Big Blue's disgusting blue face, removing the blue stain from his skin, revealing nothing but an innocent white stickman. This wasn't the end yet, as BigBoi's second death triggered a massive self destruct sequence, much to a panicking Standrew's dismay, a freed Big Blue confusion, and the shock of everyone else. Fortunately, Stick Sean had kept a clear head and with the help of Steric's rifle (he wasn't happy about loaning his rifle), he opens a strong portal between Earth and the moon. Everybody (Blues not included) hops in, with Standrew and the former Big Blue going in last. The last we ever see of the Blues from this point forward it nothing but a big mushroom cloud on the moon. Back at Galaxyrise, everybody is cheering and Standrew forgives the former Big Blue, Stanthony, giving him full rights and status as a member of the Slush Defenders before the Slushers make the trip back home.

Secret Ending (NG+)

When the Slush Fighters arrive back home to finally get some rest, Standrew sees that his card key isn't being accepted for some reason. Annoyed, Stick JK and Ben Stickobi bust the door down and everyone goes inside Slusher, not remembering anything about redecorating the place. Tired and with minds barely functioning at full capacity, most of the fighters simply collapse on the floor, with a few exception (like Sthomas) randomly choosing an empty room to stay in. Little did he know that someone else was there first. At the crack of dawn, Joshtick then realizes that they've been kicked out and alerts the other fighters, before getting pummelled by purses. Sthomas abruptly breaks down Stick Ashley's door before doing his signature pose and runs away. As the alarm sounds a second invasion, the former residents of Slusher run away, their fate to be unknown. One thing is for sure, though: Big Blue and his men are no longer evil. If you were wondering what (NG+) means, it means NewGrounds Plus.

Theme Song

Flight by Waterflame (The whole song)
Disclaimer: We don't own this, Waterflame does! The articles and others on this wiki belongs to wikia and other respective owners...


  1. Slusher
  2. Drillfield
  3. Drillfield Night
  4. Lane Stadium
  5. Robo Hokie (Stage 1 Boss)
  6. Mornin'
  7. Lake
  8. Autumnus
  9. Haunted Turf
  10. Ether Lord (Stage 2 Boss)
  11. Tundra
  12. White Out
  13. Slushy Ice Frosting
  14. Galaxyrise
  15. Bluish Fighters (Stage 3 Boss)
  16. Bitland
  17. Data Wall
  18. Moon Prison
  19. Blue Base
  20. Luna
  21. BigBoi Prime (Final Stage Boss)

Bonus Objectives

Bonus Objectives are located in every level and if completed the player receives the Bonus Upgrade for the Slush Fighter whos 3rd Upgrade is in that level, some Bonus Objectives gives out Slush Tokens, Mostly they are completed and received in Boss Bonues Objectives. The ones below are all levels with their Bonus Objectives in the game (with the exception of BigBoi Prime).

- Means that a certain amount of fighters are needed in this level

^ Means that you need to kick/hit Big Blue high above the screen where he can't be seen

+ Means that this is a Boss level

  • Slusher Bonus Objective: -
    • Have only 1 fighter in the team
    • Beat the level in only 90 seconds
      • Bonus Received - Stick Matt's Spinx7
  • Drillfield Bonus Objective: -
    • Have only 3 fighter in the team
    • Defeat atleast 2 enemies
  • Drillfield Night Bonus Objective:
    • Reach the maximum lead kick charge
    • Hit a velocity of 300.
  • Lane Bonus Objective: ^
    • Hit Big Blue higher than the visible sky
    • Do not let anyone get hit by the football team
      • Bonus Received - Marcstick's Evade
  • Robo Hokie Bonus Objective: +
    • Dont let your main guy (Standrew) take any damage
      • Bonus Received - 2 Slush Tokens
  • Mornin' Bonus Objective: ^
    • Hit Big Blue higher than the visible sky
    • Reach a combo of 12


Main/Major Characters


The Slush Fighters

  1. Standrew
  2. Stedro
  3. Stickhanh
  4. Marcstick
  5. Stickyle
  6. Westick
  7. Stick Matt
  8. The Slush Fighters


The Slush Invaders (Blue Baddies)

  1. Big Blue
  2. Blues
  3. Drabs
  4. Cobalts
  5. Toasters
  6. Mobiles
  7. Azures
  8. Blue Bit


  1. Robo Hokie
  2. Ether Lord
  3. The Bluish Fighters
  4. BigBoi Prime


  1. White Stickmen (Seen in Slusher to Moon Prison)
  2. Brown Stickmen (Seen as well like the White Stickmen)
  3. Orange Stickmen (Also seen as well like the Brown and White Stickmen)
  4. Drunk Brown Stickman (Seen at the start of Mornin')
  5. Drunk White Stickman (Seen at the start with Drunk Brown Stickman in Mornin')
  6. Captive Green Stickmen (Seen in Moon Prison and at the end of the game)
  7. Captive Blue Stickmen (Seen in Moon Prison and at the end of the game)
  8. Captive Yellow Stickmen (Seen in Moon Prison and at the end of the game)
  9. Captive Orange, Brown and White Stickmen (Seen in Moon Prison and at the end of the game)
  10. Lane Stadium Spectators (Seen only in Lane Stadium)

Unknown Slush Fighter Recruit(s):

  1. Stanthony



Slush Invaders Game - Official Trailer

The trailer for the game before its release


  • The game was originally called "Slush Invaders 2" until an update later changed the name to "Slush Invaders: Game".
    • Additionally, before the update, points were required to unlock each of the rescued Slush Fighters, which seemed to have started from 5,000 Pts with Stick Matt until 130,000 Pts with Stick Jorge.
  • The random stickmen locked in the cells of the Moon Prison may have been the residents of Stick Pritchard, considering that it had been successfully invaded prior to the start of the Slush Invaders series.
    • The others may have also been from Slusher.
  • The game introduces Stick Jorge, Stickirby, and Stick Michael (though Michael was mentioned in the movie's credits; also known as Gildedguy).
  • Azures, Cobalts, Mobiles, and Toasters only appear in the game, similar to the fact that Limes only appeared in the movie.
  • It's not really clear what time of the year the game was set at between Slusher and the Moon, though Slusher was probably summer and the moon was probably set during spring.
  • Sthomas was prominently featured in the game trailer, featuring both his movie appearance and his various game appearances.
  • Outside the blue base, none of the game's characters should have survived due to the lack of air, skin piercing debris floating around, and weird gravity.
  • Although the moon seemed to be the primary location of the Blue's operations, there may have been other, smaller bases scattered across the globe, and maybe even a backup base fully equipped with a backup leader, so the fate of the blues is still clouded.
    • In the movie Slush Invaders: Duel, it was revealed that there is another secret base where the Blue Baddies/Slush Invaders are operating.
    • Although, since Sthomas and Stucker took down a majority of the Blue Army during their failed escape, the other Slush Fighters may have found the secret base and destroyed it.
    • If it not, this means that the war between the Slush Fighters and the Blue Baddies are not yet over.
      • If this is true, this means that there is a new leader of the Invaders.
  • It’s actually possible to beat the whole game with just Auto Fighters.
  • There is a random glitch where Big Blue is frozen and stays in the same position he is and doesn't move at all and travels at the same velocity that he was going at before he was frozen.
  • There is a strange and annoying Glitch where once you have finished the game on NG+ and NG++, the game will automatically and mysteriously restart the players progress to Zero.
  • In Newgrounds, the game is rated T for Teenagers.

"Fun" Facts for the Game

All Highlighted words below were lighted in the games "Additional Help" section and are in Bold Text. These "Fun" Facts were written by Glidedguy himself in the game. And these facts appeared when the player plays the NG+ mode.

  1. "Fun" Fact #1 - "The original name of the game was going to be Slush Cannon"
  2. "Fun" Fact #2 - "The main game code 14,187 lines long" (Written in ancient AS2)
  3. "Fun" Fact #3 - "Players usually average 850,000 pts after first beating the game"
  4. "Fun" Fact #4 - "A Cheat button was coded into the CTRL key that instantly kills all enemies , gives  1 Ultrabar, and 1 Slush Token for testing purposes"
  5. "Fun" Fact #5 - "The cheat button was removed"
  6. "Fun" Fact #6 - "The maximum team size was originally 10 fighters"
  7. "Fun" Fact #7 - "Stick Luke usually found 20 bugs each time he tested this game"
  8. "Fun" Fact #8 - "The Virginia Tech stages were drawn during Halloween, the Halloween stages were drawn during Christmas and the snow stages were drawn in the Spring"
  9. "Fun" Fact #9 - "You can watch me get destroyed by Stedro in an SSBM Tournament right here: >YouTube Link: :YouTube Link<"
  10. "Fun" Fact #10 - "Most of the real life Slush Fighters can't beat the Ether Lord"
  11. "Fun" Fact #11 - "The game's deadline was pushed back 4 times, doubling the estimated production time"
  12. "Fun" Fact #12 - "There are 5.69 minutes worth of character and cutscene animation in this game"
  13. "Fun" Fact #13 - "Steric's alter ego is uNkMyJuNk: >YouTube Link: : YouTube Link<"
  14. "Fun" Fact #14 - "There was supposed to be a green shotgun enemy called the Lime, but it was cut out in favor of the Cobalt"
  15. "Fun" Fact #15 - "This game uses the font type copy 10_66"
  16. "Fun" Fact #16 - "There is a special message for players who hit 100,000 Combo. (I don't think it's possible,)"
  17. "Fun" Fact #17 - "Stick Luke  really likes to throw Tomahawks (Spawnahawks) >YouTube Link: :YouTube Link<"
  18. "Fun" Fact #18 - "StHang is an adopted Slush Fighter."
  19. "Fun" Fact #19 - "Glidedguy is based on my old RS character."
  20. "Fun" Fact #20 (Last "Fun" Fact) - "Most of these facts aren't even that fun. In fact, they're just to give players a small incentive for NG+"
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