Slush Invaders: Duel is a video in which features the captive Sthomas and Stucker fighting each other as like of a modern day gladiators, their battle takes place during the events of Slush Invaders 2: Game.

It shows where Sthomas, Stucker and possibly the other captive Slush Fighters were held as prisoners.

They are seen to be forced to fight each other for the entertainment of the Blues and Drabs, who are betting on who will win.



The video starts with Crazy Jay walking towards the arena and a drab guarding the entrance halts hims and CJ shows him his entrance pass which says "Presented By: Stickpage - Battle Pass" and supposedly the drab either let him in or kicked him out...


After the opening scene the scene now shows Drillfield, as the camera moves down Big Blue (or now most commonly known as Stanthony) is shown flying by or away as Stedro, Stickyle (and possibly behind them Marcstick, Stickhanh, Stick Matt, Standrew and Westick) chasing after him... as the camera rolls down underneath the ground below a sign saying "Prison Fight - Stucker vs Sthomas" is seen, as it moves down Blues are seen entering an arena betting on the fighters on who would win, Drabs guarding the entrances, the camera rolls down even lower and lower until...


...It shows a captive Stucker and Sthomas playing cards between their cages, as Stucker is about to win the hand the alarm blares.

Blues come in and carry the two into the arena, both shocked and confused, a Drab yells at them to "FIGHT!" or they will open fire on them, Sthomas rushes to his cape, wearing it as he runs to Stucker, who also grabs his bandanna and wears it and the two clash in battle.

As they both engage on each other Sthomas gets the upper hand by drop-kicking Stucker to the ground, after another clash in the air Sthomas does another Drop-Kick on Stucker and Stucker tries to block it by crossing his arms in front of him and falls to the ground, Sthomas lands down, Stucker gives him a thumbs up and Sthomas poses. As their battle grows more and more (mostly the words i would say are: Cool, Awesome, Great and most of all EPIC!) Intense, a Drab orders some other Drabs to open fire on the duo, launching explosive rounds onto Sthomas and Stucker...

Time to Get Serious

As the smoke clears... Stucker holding Sthomas unearths from the explosion, unharmed, and more Drabs come and shoot more explosives at them, as they do Sthomas and Stucker, without any sweat, easily maneuvers and dodges all rounds and rush in and try to escape but a tower giving off Blue Paint covers the center of the arena, Stucker, who almost trips from the wet blue paint, rushes to the top of the structure along Sthomas who makes it first (1st), Stucker soon comes to the top and unleashes his Twin Daggers, he throws the first one onto Sthomas who easily evades it, unfortunately he is unable to escape the next attack and Stucker unleashes a barrage of Punches and Slashes to him, Sthomas manages to get free from the attack and engages Stucker. Sthomas right hooks Stucker, uppercuts him almost unconscious, kicks Stucker in the guts, another drop-kick on his back and soon manages to subdue Stucker stepping on him and posing...

Time to escape

Stucker frees himself from Sthomas by Blade kicking him on the chin and they once again battle each other, Sthomas, unluckily, slips from the other end of the tower, Stucker manages to save him by pierce his daggers on to Sthomas' cape, feeling relief, Sthomas climbs back to the Tower and the two share a laugh before, again engaging each other until, Sthomas tries to hit Stucker but gets slashed, he gets a chance to attack Stucker with a heaping pound of punches to the front and back until giving him an uppercut, Stucker hits Sthomas with his Daggers before both launch each other, airborne the two continue their battle before Bullet-Diving to the Tower.

The two comes out from the smoke and once again continue their assault on one another...

Sthomas evades the second Dagger attack and again Drop-Kicks Stucker and unleashes several punches to his face.  After beating his face he throws Stucker to the ground by holding his foot. Stucker recovers from the landing and attacks by using Blade Flurry on Sthomas, as they are both to continue their battle, a Drab, who seems to be bored with their continous battle, fires a shot to them and signalling for them to end it by defeating and killing the other, Sthomas who cannot kill his Best Friend, throws Stucker into the Drab as he lands he stabs the Drab and kill the surrounding Blues.

Sthomas jumps on the edge of the platform (his jump was boost by a Drab's bomb), landed in front of Stucker and use his Super Beam Blast on a Blue or Drab that was about to attack Stucker, Stucker looks at the burnt Blue (or Drab) and the two rushes towards the Blues and Drabs in the crowd, Stucker slashes and stabs all the Blues that corners him and Sthomas defeats all the Drabs and Blues that were in his way...

Back in the Cage

The duo unleashes their attacks on the crowd and dashes towards the others before spilling a lonely Blue's Soda.

As they try to escape, a group of Blues carrying a large chain throws it into Sthomas hands, subduing him, another group manages to catch Stucker by surprise and throws back him into his cage, ending their escape and battle... As Stucker, not believing that their escape was unsuccesful, looks unhappy at their re-capture. Sthomas looks at Stucker from his cage and waves at Stucker and smiles, Stucker smiles as well and waves at him back, knowing that even their escape wasn't much of a foolproof plan, they at least managed to deplete, defeat and kill at least 68 - 75% of Big Blue's Army of Invaders, as the camera leaves the two in their cage and the arena, the camera now shows the dozens of crowds watching them fight now almost gone and the video ends...


"Me and My Drum"
Me and My Drum
Lyrics: Me and My Drums Lyrics
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  • The banner of the movie, featuring Stucker and Sthomas
  • The cover image for the movie's thumbnail in Stickpage
  • The main lobby with Big Blue's forces betting on who will win
  • The duo playing cards inside their cages before their fight, comedically, Sthomas gives up before the fight
  • The arena where the duel takes place, with a very large crowd of Blues watching as the fight starts
  • Stucker giving Sthomas a thumbs up for his combo
  • The duo's false escape attempt
  • Stucker sliding on a pool of Blue Paint, avoiding being completely soaked in them
  • Stucker "spawning" his twin daggers
  • Montage #1
  • Montage #2
  • Montage #3
  • Montage #4
  • Sthomas, comedically doing his signature pose over a seemingly defeated Stucker
  • Sthomas, about to throw Stucker towards the crowd
  • Sthomas is recaptured after their escape attempt
  • Stucker, recaptured after their escape attempt
  • Sthomas waving at Stucker to signify that he is okay
  • Stucker, waving back at Sthomas to signify that he is also okay
  • Rought Draft #1
  • Rought Draft #2
  • Rought Draft #3
  • Rought Draft #4
  • Rought Draft #5
  • Rought Draft #6
  • Rought Draft #7
  • Rought Draft #8
Slush Invaders Duel-0

Slush Invaders Duel-0

"The most Epic battle between the two fan favorites in the series has begun!!"


  • This is the first movie in the entire Slush Invaders series to only include two members of the group (not counting Stedro and Stickyle's cameo at the start).
  • There is a segment after the movie called "Rought Draft" which is a short presentation of how Gildedguy worked on the movie and the many drafts he created for it before the final animation was done.
  • During the beginning, Big Blue, Stedro and Stickyle (and possibly Westick, Stick Matt, Stickhanh, Standrew and Marcstick) made a cameo appearance.
  • Oddly enough, both Sthomas and Stucker are considered the fan favorites within the entire series, with both having at least the same amount of popularity than the rest of the fighters.
  • The movie shows what Sthomas and Stucker (and possibly the other captive Slush Fighters) did before being rescued by Standrew and the remaining Fighters.
  • Sthomas used his signature Super Beam Blast during their battle on the crowd.
  • The place where the arena, Sthomas and Stucker were held maybe another secret hideout of the Slush Invaders.
    • This could mean that there are still some remaining forces of the Invaders.
      • Although, it might highly be possible that the base was soon found by Standrew and Slush Fighters and destroyed it or it may still be operational.
  • It might also show how Sthomas ended up in a cage, along Steric and Stomar.
    • The other captive Slush Fighters might have been held here too, and were also forced to fight for the entertainment of the Invaders.
  • The animation seems to be heavily influenced from Endo's "Chuck vs FLLFFL" RHG animation, as several coincidental references can be found.
  • Stucker's Twin Daggers look a little different than in both the game and movie.
  • The song used in this movie is called "Me and My Drum" by Swingfly, featuring Christoffer Hiding.
    • This movie also marks the second time Gildedguy has used one of the songs from Swingfly as an insert song.
  • During the scene where both were in their cages at the beginning, Sthomas and Stucker were playing "A Childern's Card Game in Cages" and it looked like Stucker was either winning or losing.
  • Both Sthomas and Stucker used their respective Ultra Attacks, or at least a part of it.
    • Stucker using Blade Flurry on Sthomas to recover and to get an advantage on him.
    • Sthomas using a partial amount of his Super Beam Blast on the crowd.
  • During their initial clash, the scene shows how both of them put on their signature clothing; Stucker putting on his Bandanna and Sthomas wearing his cape.
  • The video was front paged on Newgrounds.
  • If the battle was judged on hits landed, Sthomas would likely win as he landed more hits on Stucker than Stucker landed on him.
    • But if the battle was based on Combat Reflexes and Ingenuity, Stucker would have likely won.
  • The working title for the movie was "Slush Invaders 1.5".
  • Sthomas and Stucker had staged their battle and made it look 'real' to keep the Invaders guard down.
  • In the series' official Facebook page, many could not wait for its upcoming release, sparking a higher anticipation rate than from when the first game was going to be released.
  • An error occurred during this videos first release and it was re-released again afterwards.
  • This video did not top off its predecessor, Slush Invaders, possibly there being less fans of the series after a couple of years after the start of the series.
  • This was one of the projects Gildedguy had with sneak peek photos.
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