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Slush Dungeon was an action adventure side scroller game developed by Gildedguy. It was planned to be the second game in the Slush Invaders series. Unfortunately, Gildedguy officially cancelled Slush Dungeon, deeming it as a "big project" for him, preferring to deal with smaller ones for now.

The game was first teased on Facebook, with a few images depicting the new designs of each fighters that are to be present in the game, if they are to be implemented. The game, as stated by Gildedguy himself, takes place at least a few weeks after the events of the first and third game, where the Invaders have returned and somehow managed to capture most, if not all, the Slush Fighters and have taken them to a remote unknown location. 

The images can be shown below the page. You can also still play the incomplete beta here.


Judging from the beta, Slush Dungeon was a platforming dungeon crawler. Each character has a regular attack and a special attack. So far, there are two kinds of playable characters, light-weighted and heavy-weighted. Though both can double jump, it seems that Gildedguy (a heavy-weighted character) can jump higher than Stucker (a light-weighted character). This means that heavy weighted-characters could have more jump power and attack power than light-weighted ones, or different characters have different jump power. However, light-weighted characters are faster.

There is also a feature called synergy, where your partner can become a better fighter by clearing rooms.

So far (as of 8/29/14) When you or your partner dies, you have to play as the other character until you save another fighter.

If you die completely, you have to refresh the page to restart.


The following are controls seen and used in Slush Dungeon.

Left / Go Left A
Right / Go Right


Jump / Double Jump W (once for Jump) / W (twice for double jump)
Down / Pick Up Item(s)



J / LMB (Left Mouse Button)


K / RMB (Right Mouse Button)

Use Item 1
Drop Item 2


Note that the characters that are listed below are the ones playabale in the incomplete beta.

The other Slush Fighters were also slated to have been put in the game such as Stick JamesStericSthangStomar and Stedro. Interestingly enough, this roster is similar to Slush Tile Rush, which chronologically takes place before this game. It is unknown if the other fighters from the first game would have been present in the game due to their absence in the previous one.

Additionally, the Slush Fighters would have been given an expanded set of abilities such as Stomar being able to glide with his twin swords and Stucker being able to hook an enemy back to him. 

Items and Upgrades

Item and Upgrades can help you through out each level by boosting your stats or giving you more HP. Though, some items could have a downside, like the boots. Items can be gained by opening up chests. 

Screenshot from 2014-08-18 22-18-40.png


Enemies are monsters or sticks that you fight in the dungeons. So far, the only known enemy is a blue armored giant. 

The new enemies are the Blues and there are two variants of Blues in the dungeon; normal Blues and Helmet Blues. The Blues are just normal type, melee combat enemies who are easy to take down, unless they're in a group especially a large one which can overwhelm your team. The Helmet Blues are a much more defensive set of Blues, with the added feature of an iron helmet, these Blues can take twice the damage a normal Blue can, the Helmets are breakable when the Blue wearing it reaches half of their health, later making it easy to beat them. 

For the meantime, Blues, Helmet Blues and Giants are the only known enemies you can encounter in the Beta Version.



  • The game's graphics shares the same, if not far from being different, one used in the first game.
  • As stated by Glidedguy, the game takes place a few weeks after the first game's epilogue and third game's ending.
    • Before the game had been cancelled, the working plot for the game before was that Standrew had begun a hike in the Appalachian Woods during his "supposed exile" and went missing, prompting his team mates to go look for him, only to be ambushed and captured by the newly re-established Invaders where the game would then take off.
      • This was confirmed in a private message in Newgrounds between Michael and Vince, where the latter was asking how the game was progressing earlier on, months before the game was cancelled.
  • Despite having been the second game planned in the series, this would have been the third game both chronologically and in release, as Slush Tile Rush takes place and was released before it.
  • This is the first game in the Slush Invaders series to be cancelled in its continuity.
  • The remnants of the game's codings and files can be viewed here.
    • As stated by Glidedguy, other fans of the series or other people can work on continuing Slush Dungeon, so long as the namesake stays as it is and he is given credit for most of the work put into it.

Development History

  • November 7, 2013 - The game is first announced on Facebook, with teaser photos of Stucker, Stedro and Sthomas.
  • November 9, 2013 - New Teaser photos for the game are released with Stucker (once again), Sthang and Stick James.
  • November 29, 2013 - New Teaser photos for the game are released with Steric and Stomar.
  • December 6, 2013 - A level Concept featuring Sthomas was released.
  • December 11, 2013 - Another level concept was released, this time featuring a team of three fighters; Sthang, Glidedguy and Stomar.
  • December 18, 2013 - Yet another level concept was released and once again featuring a team of three fighters, this time Steric, Stucker and Sthomas are in it.
  • December 19, 2013 to March 9, 2014 - The game went to a brief hiatus state.
  • January 8, 2014 - The first ever Beta Version of the game (and series) is released on Newgrounds for fans of the series to test out.
  • March 10, 2014 - Like before, another level concept is released featuring a captive Stucker about to be rescued by Glidedguy. The Blues and Helmet Blues are also featured, thus confirming their appearance in the game.
  • March 18, 2014 - A character concept artwork was released featuring the enemy side containing the following enemies: Blues, Helmet Blues, Archers, Azures, Sorcerers, Cobalts and Lancers. Excluding the Blues and Helmet Blues, the other enemies have then been confirmed to appear in the game.
  • April 13, 2014 - Another game is announced being 'in the works' along Slush Dungeon. Soon the game went to a 'hold' stage as Glidedguy was focused more in making the Mobile Game.
  • April 14, 2014 to August 29, 2014 - The game soon went on 'hold'.
  • August 30, 2014 - A sneak peek from Hyun's Dojo shows up on the page regarding Slush Dungeon. The post confirms that Glidedguy had been working more on the new Mobile game but made some room to make Slush Dungeon at the same time due to some real life objectives he had to accomplish. Along that, the second Beta Version is released with a message from Glidedguy stating that the game had been in a 'deep' construction and will possibly be 'postponed'.
  • January 2015 - Gildedguy says that Slush Dungeon will be in a very deep hiatus.
  • May 29, 2015: Gildedguy makes it official and decided to throw away Slush Dungeon. However, he left a .zip file containing all of the coding, art and other works of Slush Dungeon for others to continue. He would like to reserve credit for making the name, as he says, "It's pretty catchy!". This would also make Slush Dungeon the first ever Slush Invaders game in the series to be cancelled.
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