These are the Notable Artists on The SI Wiki ( ANYONE CAN EDIT THIS ARTICLE )

TFOW or known as Fan

Is the Recent Owner of the SI Wiki. She is one of the very 1st members on the SI Wiki and she is a great artist and a notable animator.

Notable Art Examples

Fun Facts

  • I begin drawing since I was three years old.
  • My first character ever made is Lathan Dragov (formerly "Gade" which is his current nickname)
  • I drew all the main five members of Teen Titans.
  • I use Macromedia 8, Sketch Book X, SketchGuru, Flipaclip, Corel Draw, GIMP, Stykz, and Photoshop (although rarely) for animation and artworks.
  • I usually do my artworks when I have free time
  • I listen to music while doing art stuff :D Usually, I listen to depressing/sad songs for a better performance.
  • I'm currently studying perspective, shadings, shadows and highlights.
  • My style is like Gildedguy's (only in stickman though) but with a little difference you can't explain. Note that I can imitate adapt any art styles and mix them with mine in so many ways
  • The first I figure I ever draw is circle. A deformed one. Weird right?


He's a new user in this wiki who has made drawings for around 1 year. He's not much of an animator, but he makes animations from time to time.

Notable Art Examples

Fun Facts!

  • I use Paint Program Fire Alpaca
  • My drawing tablet is a VisTablet
  • I also do traditional art, rather than digital art sometimes!'
  • His deviantart account is here.


Chakatan is a weird and fabulous animator, He is an admin in the wiki (who rarely uses Admin powers) and is well known for His Randomness and Random Sayings.

Fun Facts!

  • Chak's paintings and sketches usually take half an hour to complete.
  • The thing that makes Chak really frustrated with drawing is when making the Backround Art for a certain drawing.
  • Chak doesn't actually use Drawing Tablets and uses Mouses instead.
  • I have 3 styles accordingly, The 1st being My New Style,Da' Adventures Comic Style And my old style.
  • The things Chak usually needs before drawing is these 3 things...A Bottle o' MountainDew,Some inspiration thingies,Bootiful music and Food.
  • I have some kind of weird hate for drawing Depressing and Gory things.
  • I don't actually do Traditional Art alot of times, But i do do (heh doo-doo) them sometimes.
  • I actually have a Comic series of my own called..."The Quest for Awesomeness"!

Seth Reuben

Seth Reuben a.k.a Black is an artist/animator/game maker on this wiki and Stick Fighters Wiki. But he mostly satays in Stick Fighters wiki.

Notable art example

Fun Facts

  • I started using paint since "Grade three".
  • I use Flash to animate and make games.


Vincetick is both an B-crat and artist on this server, his drawings are popular unless within this wiki. He is also the creator of the 'still in the works' Stickman Universe series which can be found in his private website.

Notable art Examples:

Fun Facts:

  • Started Drawing when he was taught by his uncle when he was 2 years old, Using a brush and 6 cups of Paint.
    • During then, he would accidentally paint on the floors, walls and doors of his house (I was still a kid back then).
  • He would mostly draw his own fighters, but he'd make room for the other fellas here in the wiki and would draw their character without permission due for fun and the heck of it! :3
  • He would usually Draw Vincetick (character) with a frown.
    • He would now draw him with a smile... almost.
  • First started to use the computerized program "Paint" at the age of 8.
  • Began using Macromedia Flash then the CS series at the age of 12.
  • He criticizes art with a max of 3 stars instead of the usual 5 and/or 10 stars.
  • The "Slush Invaders Wiki 2nd Year Anniversary, 3rd Year Proposal" was the biggest pic he had drawn using Paint.
    • There is a CS6 version of it.
  • The Character Emotes set are the first Paint version of Vince to have its own competition/giveaway set.
  • He sometimes gets interrupted in doing his drawings/animations via "Artists/Animators Block".
  • First ever stick figure he had drawn was colored black. Though the results were that, instead of a stick figure, he accidentally drew 'something'.


Retro&Random (a.k.a RMD or Shaden) is an artist that has it's own unique style of drawing stickman. His art teacher, Chakatan, taught him his new style. So, he has two styles in total.

Notable art Examples


JamesLOB does quick drawings that usually take 2-5 mins.

He now focuses on 8-bit style drawings.

He doesn't use paint, so what does he use? mystery..........

Notable Art Examples


StiCarson is another guy who joined by May, his style is a mixture of Vince's and Shaden's. And He also does Minecraft Skins of people.

He doesn't draw eyes. HE never will...

Notable Art Examples


Francis is a even newer user who uses Paint at drawings. People have a lot of different point of views on his drawings.

Notable Art Examples


DrewStick is an artist and animator here at the wiki. All he ever used was a finger. Just a finger. 

Notable Art Examples:

  • Just a boss template similar to Megaman's stage select.
  • DrewStick's CURRENT Design.
  • Friend Posters!
  • Even more friend posters!!
  • Le first animation ever.
  • Stedro Vs Stickyle
  • Just figured out how to make lines thicker (9/14/14)
  • DrewStick Full Body with shading
  • A combo practice


Austin is illuminati confirmed, who is illuminati confirmed

Notable art example:


Stkhen is an artist , who is a fab duck .

Notable Art Examples

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