The Robo Hokie is a giant robot turkey manned by Slush Invaders (group), functions as the mascot of the Lane Stadium football team. It utilizes attacks that range from summoning Blues (Drabs in NG+ mode) to spewing fire onto the ground (Possibly green laser beams. Robo Hokie appears on the 5th level and acts as the game's first boss.


The Slush Fighters encounter this boss after beating Lane Stadium. After slowing himself down, Big Blue jumps into the giant robot, so Standrew decides to go towards him while the others jumped the opposite direction. Therefore the fighters must destroy Robo Hokie in order to continue the assault on Big Blue.


  • Summons 2 Blues (At NG+ Instead of 2 Blues he will just summon 1 Blue while a Drab flies out from the side of the screen) at a time. He also bends down while doing this, making him vulnerable to ground attacks.
  • Untouchable from ground when gyros are rotating around Robo Hokie
  • Spreads fire through the ground, damaging all ground fighters.
  • Shoots 3 vertical laser beams in random directions(notice the green line warnings)
  • Stabs air with feathers 5 times.
  • No Ultra attacks
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Bonus Objective

  • Dont let your main guy (Standrew) take any damage.

Other Obstacles

  • Team cannot be called out until Robo Hokie's health is reduced to 60%. (This does not apply to auto fighters or during NG+ mode)


We Run and Fight (The Whole Song)
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Like all bosses, Robo Hokie's attacks get more powerful as you pummel his health into nothing and touching certain areas of his bodies will do damage. When you first start the stage, Robo Hokie can only attack by setting the field on fire and summoning blues. When he summons the flames, JUMP and start spamming your attack key. Believe it or not, it keeps you airborne longer and you might score a lucky shot. However, the flames aren't the only things that are hot: his thrusters are too. They will rotate around the robot's body when he isn't attacking, thus denying safe ground passage so attack from the air and be sure to advoid them on the way down. If you don't want to risk it, wait for nlues to pop out. When this happens, the bot will bend down, moving his thrusters back, making attacking easier. Remember, this is only stage one and compared to the rest of the battle, he is still fairly weak. Once a chunk of his health is gone and the slush defenders can be summoned, he gets more aggressive. In addition to his first attacks, Robo Hokie will use the feathers on his back to slash across the field and will also summon lasers from the sky (the lasers can be avoided by watching where the warning lines appear. As for the feathers, move to the far lower right side of the screen). Because of the power of his later attacks, you need a team that can deal a massive amount of damage in a short time before any attacks happen (this is if you're going for the bonus objective. If you're quick enough when you're attacking as Standrew and have a sufficiently powerful team, defeating Robo Hokie should be easy, considering that it's AI wasn't too good during that level). However, it also comes down to luck, as the attack pattern is rather random. (When trying to complete the bonus objective, it is recommended to use Stick JK (extended mags and stopping power), Stickhanh (Wing Boost), Steric (Squad Specs), Joshtick (Kamikaze), Sthang (HP- and Ashes), and another high-power fighter).

Fun Fact = If you bring Ben Stickobi to your team when fighting against Robo Hokie, when Robo Hokie is low on health, he will unleash his Sticksaber to finish him, and this is the only "Ultra Attack" that is initiated without doing anything. And it costs 0 Ultra Bar because you don't have one yet. This also works with Stickyle's Ultra Attack (Star Storm).


  • Robo Hokie is the only boss where the player has to damage it as Standrew before calling out his team.(this is not necessary in NG+ Mode)
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  • When the Robo Hokie is destroyed, it's eyes turn into the "look of disapproval" emotion.
  • If you look closely, his mouth almost looks like a bandana.
  • The level completion text is "Gobble, Gobble...".
    • Probably because Robo Hokie looks like a Turkey.
  • Robo Hokie could be a turkey mascot.
  • Robo Hokie does not move his mouth further suggesting this Robo Hokie is a robot and can only move his mouth if Big Blue makes him.
    • It seems the only part of Robo Hokie's mouth that Big Blue lets out is its tongue or it was just there before.
  • Stick Michael's fun fact(in NG+ mode, of course) for this stage is The cheat button was removed.
  • Before defeating him, Robo Hokie's eyes are completely glowing green while when defeated, they're just ordinary eyes.
  • Robo Hokie is the only robot being controlled and/or operated by big blue.
  • Because of the previous statement, it can be assumed that Robo Hokie is actually a vehicle, not a true robot. 
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  • The feather in the center is green while the others are all red or orange.
  • It's possible to beat the level with only Sthang on your team (might be because of the gyros constantly circling around and Sthang being a running fighter). This is most effective on NG mode since you can call your team instantly at the start of the level
  • In regular mode, the Robo Hokie will summon 2 Blues at a time, and when one or both of them are gone, 1 or 2 more blues will appear to take their place
  • In NG+ Mode, Drabs will appear.
  • The Robo Hokie, along with the Ether Lord, uses the boss theme song used in the game
  • The Robo Hookie did not make an appearance in the movie
  •  It's unknown if the Robo Hokie was built by Big Blue, or made by the collage and was weaponized by Big Blue.
  • A Hokie is actually a spirit yell. And it has nothing to do with a turkey.
  • Robo Hokie is one of the mechanical bosses and enemies in the game.
  • When defeated with an ultra attack, the background will stay different until the level is officially cleared.
  • Robo means Robot in portuguese.
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