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Pumpkins are flying enemies encountered in the Slush Invaders: Game. They appear in Haunted Turf and in the Ether Lord battle. They are not members of the Slush Invaders because they are hostile towards everyone, even Big Blue.

Role in Game

Pumpkins fly from the right side of the screen where a fighter is and rams into the fighter, opening their gaping mouths and trying to "bite" any active or auto fighters, interrupting their combo and exploding at the same time. However, if they close their mouths and fail to successfully come into contact, they will automatically explode but still cause damage. Several Pumpkins will sometimes appear at the same time to give the player even more trouble. After exploding, a Pumpkin is considered "dead" and no longer poses a threat to the Slush Fighters (though more pumpkins may take its place).


Haunted Pumpkins:

The Haunted Pumpkins are the hostile ones that jump up into the field and attack any Slush Fighter that gets near them, preventing them from attacking and keeping Big Blue airborne. They also attack any enemies that get near them, though dealing less damage than they do to the Slush Fighters.

There are two types of Haunted Pumpkins during both the Haunted Turf level and the Ether Lord's boss battle.

Normal Pumpkins - Haunted Pumpkins that sit at the ground of the level and wait for anybody foolish enough to run into them. They are a bit troublesome, especially if the player uses characters that tend to take their time when being activated as they can easily knock them down and prevent their attack before it even happens as well as auto fighters who run for the rest of the level, whom they can harm (excluding Stickhanh). During the Ether Lord's boss battle, they can injure Standrew if the player does not act quick enough. They can also hinder his and the other Slush Fighters' actions if they are unlucky enough to hit one.

Airborne Pumpkins - Haunted Pumpkins that jump from the right side of the level. These types can jump nearly as the same height of the level, though some can jump surpassing the "sky limit". They jump randomly and sporadically, sometimes not hitting any Slush Fighter at all, mostly hitting Big Blue as a result. Though, when they numerous Pumpkins become airborne at the same time, it becomes harder to hit Big Blue without hitting at least one or two of them. Slush Fighters who begin their attack in the air are mostly the ones getting hit by these, while the ones who start on the ground cannot, though the Normal Pumpkins can still hinder them.

Green Pumpkins - Green Pumpkins only appear during the fight with Ether Lord. Once Ether Lord starts to fly off-screen, Green Pumpkins appear to give Standrew a boost to get up to Ether Lord. Their explosions do no damage and send Standrew flying. They could be destroyed by Sticorey's shield, so be careful about who you put on your team.

A green pumpkin, as shown in this image.


  • Pumpkins and Zomblues only appear in Haunted Turf.
  • Pumpkins and Zomblues are the only enemies that can only be destroyed by contact.
  • Also, Pumpkins will get destroyed is by Sticorey's shield, and this applies to Zomblues as well.
  • Pumpkins are the only enemies with unavoidable damage.
  • Regular pumpkins do not have an arrow as their stems.
  • Pumpkins are the Ether Lord's minions.
  • Green Pumpkins cannot hurt the Slush Fighters.
  • Green Pumpkins are the only helpful non-Slush Fighter characters in the game.
  • Green Pumpkins have their stems shaped like an arrow pointing up.
  • Green Pumpkins only appear in the level Ether Lord.
  • Green Pumpkins often spin around, while the normal pumpkins don't.
  • Green Pumpkins will launch Standrew up in the air.
  • Green Pumpkins only appear in the Ether Lord level.
  • Green Pumpkins can be considered neutral objects since they helped Standrew beat up the Ether Lord.
  • Pumpkins cannot be targeted or destroyed by conventional means.
  • It's not known if the pumpkins are undead, controlled, or alive.
  • Pumpkins did not make an appearance in the movie.
  • It's not known where these pumpkins are born, or any other facts about them.
  • If you try to attack pumpkins, you take damage and not them (does not apply to the green ones).
  • The green Pumpkins stems are shaped like springs.
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