Points are like the money of the game. You earn points and then use them to unlock or buy characters and items. 

Example of what points look like during each level.

How to earn Points

To earn points, you need to play through the level. Even if you don't finish, you can still get the points you earned. These are the different possibilities of earning points. 

Level 100% Completed

When you complete the level, you will recieve all of the points you gained during the level, but be careful, because they subtract the score that you gotten last time from the total of points that you just got. 

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Also, they will give you extra points at the end of each level, so try to complete each level. Well, you have to complete them anyways, but try your best! 

An Example of end of the level points.


When ever you make more than one combo, they award you with points, like so.

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Incomplete level

They take the score that you got, and subtract it from your prev best, but don't worry, they still award you points.

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You can recieve other points by bonus points. They are given to you after reaching a certain goal, like Stick James' Button Punch+, or the "Stickhanh Clutch". 

Screenshot from 2013-12-16 16-52-04.png

Characters that you can unlock by points

  1. Stick Matt
  2. Stickyle
  3. Ben Stickobi
  4. Westick
  5. Stucker
  6. Sticorey
  7. Stick Brian
  8. Stick JK
  9. Stagar
  10. Sthang
  11. Joshtick
  12. Stick James
  13. Steric
  14. Sthomas
  15. Stomar
  16. Staddison
  17. Stick Luke
  18. Stick Waqas
  19. Stick Sean
  20. Stick Michael
  21. Stickwart
  22. Stick Dan
  23. BriStick
  24. Stickirby
  25. Stick Jorge

Items that you can buy

  1. Slush Tokens 

    Items in NG+ shop

  2. ComboBook+ Pages
  3. Another team slot
  4. Lv.4 Ultrabar
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