1 Minute Summary

Big Blue appears with 4 Blues, and one facing the other way for a few seconds, and then turns around. About to command Blues to attack the tower, StAndrew lands and tells Big Blue to not attack, though he shakes his head no and tries to deny that he wasn't, and when StAndrew says CR, a Drab shoots him in the back and pulls him away. Then he commands them to kick the small, miniture Slusher and Tower, and the waves goodbye as he walks off. After what looks like only 2 Blues attacking, Stickyle appears, blasts them with fire, and yells out "INVASIOOOOOOON!!!", summoning Steric, who is doing a pose where he looks like he has to go to the bathroom, and Stick James probably saying its "button time". They battle more Blues and the camera goes on to Big Blue who is laughing, notices that the 3 slush fighters beat up the blue, while Stick James is too busy punching a blue in the face who is already defeated. Then, Big Blue tries to escape, and finds him self surrounded with Standrew and the other Slush Fighters, with Stick James still punching away. Stickirby, Stick Jorege, and Stick Michael does not appear in this.


  • At the end, you can see Stick Sean saying "I'm The Man".


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